Akuma doing a shoryuken to master shake

can some one make me this avatar?
it would be much app.

Maybe provide a sprite of Akuma, and I might consider doing this.

i don’t know anything about avatars could u teach me the lingo, is a sprite one with movement or not. sorry for being a lame ass newb.

I’ll try to find one, but if I can’t your SOL I guess. Unless someone else takes this.

thanks for trying man, once again sorry for being a newb

I’ve never heard of Hartwell Georgia and i’ve lived here my whole life. Is it in the boonies and full of rednecks or is it the suburbs?

Here you go, looks a little fast, but I think it’s Mozilla.



That’s pretty good actually. Mister Shake is the best. :rofl:

Can you link me to the picture you used? Thank you, Cup.

lol, you shoud have the caption “wtf!?!?” appear above akumas head after he srk’s master shake and then have master shake get up and do the shin shoryuken on him.

Just Google ‘Master Shake’ and you should find it.

Hehe, that’s pretty cool. Just wanted to give you props.

ditto! :tup:

u rule liquid fists!!!

thank u thank u thank u liquid fists. this avatar rules man.
i really app. it. man :tup:
i don’t think it’s to fast, it’s bad ass man. this is so cool to see my idea done so good. thanks man, it is really solid.
:party: :party: :party: :party: :party:
hartwell is in the north east part of ga. like on the border with south carolina.
not quite full of rednecks but they exist. liquited lives near me i play over there alot. u heard of him. have u been to final round? etc…
where u from?