Akuma DP FADC Challenge!

How many DP’s in a row can you do to juggle your opponent in training mode with unlimited SC gauge?

I find this to be useful training actually, and it IS quite fun.

The most I’ve done is 4 :(. Starting with light dp and the rest being heavy, I think it’s the only way it works.

Move over Justin Wong.

It is good practice actually.

But isn’t their a limit; till the opponenet becomes unjuggleable?

I know their is with ken and ryu… never tried akuma.

You can do HPs forever off a counter hit I believe. Otherwise just use EX SRKs.

I’ve NEVER surpassed 3 hits + fadc shaku. Lp, fadc, mp, fadc, hp, fadc shaku. If it goes any higher, I’d like to know


Yea i think its only a four hit or maybe a 5 with counter hit and EX

only thing i’d worry about is accidently doing it in a match if i practived it too much :stuck_out_tongue:

muscle memory…

catch yourself and shaku instead

This is something you do when you are seriously bored one day.

i dont really shoryu xx Shaku unless i know im gonna get stun.

im usually bold and reset to try and get another rep in and start a high low mixup game and attempt to stun/keep the pressure on my opponent to make mistakes.

Akuma definitely has a hard limit if I’m not mistaken. I’ve fucked around with this shit quite a bit. Maybe on counterhit it could work, but I’m not so sure. I usually just do LP srk, MP srk, HP srk, shaku.

Well for sure, I did 3 FADC DP’s then fucked up my fourth.

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