Akuma Ex focus cancels



OK, i’ve been searching for a while and can’t find decent info on akuma’s Ex Focus cancel techniques, so pardon me if this has already been mentioned in another thread.
I’m new to fight sticks and ur probably going to tell me to practice more but, when u keep practicing and u keep doing the same error over and over u tend to get bored of trying, thus i have come for help, to most reliable source i know, shoryuken.com.
i know that u must keep holding down ur FA till u completely dash out of the cancelled srk (fadc) for the the shoryuken fadc into shakunetsu combo, but i tend to often just do a simple FA with no dash after a lp or mp srk. And when i do get the FADC after the srk its a few frames short to get the shakunetsu (red fireball) to hit. And the last Fopa, is the occasional no shakunestu after the fadc .
Here’s where u guys help, i"ve come up with a few ideas,but i would like for anyone willing to help to break these down to tiny details pls.
first guess was that, if i did :dp: FA :r:, :hcb: hp, that i would only have to tap :r: only once to cancel out of FA if the input was fast enough, because the initial fwd and the fwd to cancel would register as f f (fwd,fwd), not going so well with that idea. Having trouble connecting with the shakunetsu, that might be a timing prob, just a standing hp/ fierce usually comes out. its easier for me to attempt the LP srk fadc shakunetsu, than the mp and hp versions cus my fadc’s are usually to slow for the shakunetsu to connect.
i Have a hori real arcade pro 3; square gate, sanwa stick, stock buttons, if that helps, i know it takes more practice, thats a must, can never get to much of that, but what i’m asking is for tips to help ease my stress from repeating the wrong thing and getting fustrated ( a lil’). I use to fingers to FA, whilst some friends say that just using the middle finger to fa is the way to go, idk.
My Settup is Default; Top: lp, mp, hp, ppp , bottom: lk, mk, hk, kkk , don’t worry i don’t use ppp and kkk buttons.


First of all don’t hold your focus cancel until you dash out of it. Tap the direction you want to dash at the same time you hit mp+mk and then tap again and perform the shakunetsu in one fluid motion. You have the right idea with using of the dash inputs to start off the red hadou, now just go and practice some more.


There’s nothing to be said about that combo other than practice I think. Once you get it down, it’s really second nature =.


Take a break if necessary. I find that if you keep practicing and messing up, you’re just giving your hands muscle memory of the wrong way to execute your FADC.


Yep. Practice.


iight, i hear ya , thanks


Uhm, guys i know this might prob close this Thread, but hey at least i got help.
Yeah, i found out that when i change my button config, i increased my comfortability with the stick and my execution success rate increased, but it does kinda feel awkward b/c hori’s buttons are in an arc, guess it just takes some getting used to.
From Default i set it to;
Top: no function, lp, mp, hp
Bottom: no function , lk, mk, hk
i guess my closing question is is there a custom plate or panel for the hori real arcade pro 3 that will allow me to have my buttons in straight rows, instead of arc.
Thanks to all the guys who offer advice and thank you shoryuken.com. (hey this sounds like an election speech, ah whatever). Thanks.


I’m not a big fan of arched button layouts either, but you’ll probably need a custom stick to achieve that layout, or at least someone with metalworking knowledge who would probably charge you a hefty fee anyway.