Akuma FAQs: Quick questions & answers!



I seriously got tired of answering many of the repeat questions again and again. So here we go, a thread to all of those questions that are (sort of) valid questions and get asked way too much.

Q: I am a (insert main here) player and want to take up Akuma as a secondary, is this a good idea?

A: Ultimately it is up to you. Akuma generally requires a large time commitment to learn. His basics are easy to understand, but his specifics are hard to master. His stamina requires you to play smart in both your offense and defense or else you will meet a quick death. His offensive abilities are amazing when used correctly and his basic combos are relatively simple.

So it can be rewarding for your overall experience to play him, but it will require a lot of work.

Q: If I suck and can’t play Akuma well, what do I do?

A: For starters, DON’T POST A PITY PARTY THREAD! First identify what is causing you problems. If you can’t do this then try to get a video recorded of one of your matches and post it in the video thread asking for criticism. When you know what is wrong then look around in different threads for information as most of the general information should be found either in a sticky or near the top of the forum. There is also a search function that should be used. If (and only if) there is no thread around that discusses the area that interests you then you can post a thread although it is recommended to post small questions inside of an already existing thread when possible.

Failure to comply with this may result in general flaming, negging, and/or a visit from the resident thread nazi also known as West. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

Q: Can I combo Akuma’s Ultra?

A: Yes, although there are only two ways of doing so. One of the ways is to land a focus attack that has been charged up to level 2 or 3 and dash cancel into the Ultra. There are a few known ways to combo into a lvl 2 focus attack, but these are rather difficult. The other way is to stun your opponent and use it then. Both methods have a high damage reduction on it so it is wise not to use the Ultra after a long combo that results in a stun. You will generally land the Ultra more in other applications of it.

Outside of a FA or stun it is impossible to combo the Ultra.

Q: Why should I use a LP.SRK instead of a HP.SRK to FADC into a HP.Shaku after a Tatsu?

*Short A: *It does more damage

Detailed A: Read this after the second quote. http://forums.shoryuken.com/showpost.php?p=7365580&postcount=12

Q: Why do some Akuma players use c.HK after a LK.Tatsu instead of something like a HP.SRK? Doesn’t the HP.SRK do more damage?

A: While the HP.SRK does indeed do more damage, the purpose of the c.HK is not to do damage, but rather it is for the knockdown. A knockdown off of a sweep in untechable which allows you to pressure them as they wake up. After a HP.SRK your foe is able to quickly stand upon hitting the ground and at the same time you are recovering from your HP.SRK. As a result your foe is able to get up unhindered and you lose offensive pressure and have to work to regain it.

Q: So when I go to practice LK.Tatsu > c.HK it isn’t working, why is that?

A: Because it does not work against every character. Some characters are immune to it. Here is a thread with a list.


Q: What is a reset? How do I do it?

A: I wrote a thread about this a while back


Also another attempt was made at this.


Hopefully you can find everything you need there.

Q: What is 1 + 1?

A: It is 3. See 1 + 1 = 11 which is binary for 3. Now do your own math homework.

Those were the questions that I saw the most. If you got some more that get asked a lot then post them and I can add them later.

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Reserved for expansion #1


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^hey hey hey in the combo into ultra you say lvl 2 but you might wanna say that akuma can combo into lvl 2 it’s just hella hard and not worth it.


Add to the ultra combo section that there is no other possible way to combo it other than the two ways mentioned.


Thats so weak how all the other charaters have FADC into ultra but akuma doesnt =c


My teacher taught me 1 + 1 = 2.

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On topic: This is a good thread. Sticky imo.


he can ultra in several situations however.


ummm did you ever check the combo into demon thread? A guy actually made a vid doing it himself. Soooooo yeah you can combo into lvl 2 focus into demon.

he did Demon flip kick->cLP->cLP->cMP->FADC lvl 2->Demon and the shit combo’d

Thank you again KaosMIDIProphet-> http://www.zshare.net/video/64535836e4b058e0/ ->download it for better quality

There you go a plausible hit confirm into demon. Is it hard… hell yeah!!!.. is it possible…hell yeah!!!


Well, that’s technically still a lv2 focus, the fact that you can combo before the focus doesn’t change the fact that it’s still a focus.


^just saying it is combo-able into just through lvl 2 focus and maybe put on there that you can combo into focus.


Bokkin show me that combo one of these days, that sounds flashy as fuck.


well, i think it’s pretty obvious that by “focus” he meant “stun from a focus”. i don’t think he needs to specify that much.


if he did he would move up to A maybe S tier


uh…he is definitly A, if not S (in my book) Tier.

Is general consensus that he’s B? Totally A. I would have thought, at least. Not that it matters. :stuck_out_tongue:


I’m just going by the general consensus, I confidently put akuma on the A-tier imho. I dunno about S tier since his stamina and his lack of ability to combo into ultra.


From nearly every list that has come from the Japanese scene they say Akuma is an A. Mago even went on record saying that no one has truly figured out Akuma yet and if they do he could join Sagat up at S rank.


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0010 b = 2 d

7 in binary is 0111 b, or just 111 b.

Never would have thought crap from my D.E. class would actually come up. Maybe Im missing something because I didnt know pi had anything to do with binary.


Umm…It was a joke you know…

And I got 3 by twisting logic. It depends on what kind of logic you apply. In some forms of code the + operator can be a merger operator especially when dealing with strings instead of integers. So if you wrote 1 + 1 as a string merged with a string then that becomes 11 and when converted into binary becomes 3.