Akuma FAQs: Quick questions & answers!

You have the option of using any button at your disposal to plink. I believe HK has the highest priority. Just MK is the easiest because it is right next to it.

I can never get the empty jump in crouch tech mix up to work for me. I ALWAYS get thrown. Its not like every now and then, its literally every time. What could i possibly be doing wrong here?

If your crouching short setup is meaty, it’ll beat wakeup throw attempts. If your cr.short/os tech isn’t meaty and you do it fast, you’ll get thrown out of the cr.short’s startup frames, you gotta delay the cr.short/os tech a bit so it would actually tech wakeup throw attempts.

Someone please correct me if I’m wrong. I don’t use the empty jump > low mixup much, but when I do and the opponent is wakeup throw happy, I just empty jump into HP SRK when I have meter to FADC to safety in-case it got blocked, a couple of those and I don’t think the opponent will be so eager to mash throw when you land near him.

If you are getting grabbed consistently then you need to work on a couple things. First delay the tech a little after landing because if you press it too fast the tech throw doesn’t do any good.

Second if your foe can always grab you then you are not setting up the mix up properly. You need to occasionally throw in a real jump in (not a flip palm or dive) or something like empty jump SRK to punish their throw attempt. It isn’t a mix up if they know it is coming every time.
When you perform the empty jump low your foe should be scared stupid of throwing out a grab.

The inputs I use when performing this

(Empty Jump with Safe jump timing), (Very Slight delay), :db: :lp:+:lk:, c.:lp:+:hk:, :mp:

That covers most situations you will run into. It OS’s sweep so if they try to back dash out you get another knockdown. The delay is needed to protect against reversals and grabs.

A good way to practice is to go into training mode and set a dummy to either do nothing except reversals or grabs. The turbo feature on the MadCatz sticks work great for this. Sweep your opponent and try to perform the mix up. If you get grabbed or reversaled you are pressing the :lk:+:lp: too fast. Work on it till you can tech the throw most of the time.

Hey guys i wanna know how to time those corner gimmicks such as the crossup j.rh or the fake crossup j.lk. I have tested it out and i found a setup where you do some combo into lk tatsu into c.lp reset, step back slightly and then jump rh or lk and the rh will crossup and the lk wont. Now how do i set that up off a sweep in the corner for example. I can’t get the ranges nor the wakeup timing right. I can try it at the right range but then it will whiff cause i probably did it too early on wakeup.
I also cant get the crossup df kick in the corner either. I don’t know how to set it up.

That thread should answer your questions.

I’m not sure if people are aware, but many of the links in the first post of this thread do not work, rendering the whole purpose of a “check here before posting” sticky thread pointless.

The forum transfer has been screwing up the links. It also deleted a lot of threads that those links use to go to so there is no longer anything to link to.

It doesn’t make it useless. The main purpose of this thread is to prevent millions of small threads from cluttering up the forums. If you got a small question you ask it here instead of making a new thread.

Ok can someone explain what I’m supposed to do when blanka does his forward hop? Whenever he gets close it’s a guessing game because if i block he throws, and if i counter attack he hits electricity. A lot of times it’s too quick to teleport out, too. Any ideas?

Empty hop is punishable with jabs. It is only a problem with lag

It always seems like he hops right through them. Any way to time this correctly online?

So whats the deal with EX tatsu now? I’ve noticed it randomly dropping a hit most of the time but it still keeps them in and tosses them out at the end. But twice now, against Dudley and another character I can’t remember, it just drops them completely and leaves them standing right next to me.

Unfortunately no. Online it is a pain to time it properly.

Hey quick question: I’ve been told as a Akuma player to work on my ground game. I’ve been told this more than once and just wanted to see what that means. Anyone care to give some thoughts on this? I do want to improve my ground game but don’t know what that is or how to go about doing that.

It now shares the same properties as Ryu’s EX tatsu. Unfortunately this bug, or glitch, or whatever you’d like to call it is a side effect of this.

The ground game is basically footsies and zoning. In other words its the ability to create pressure without ever leaving the ground.

Quick question guys, don’t know if it was already asked: did they change our teleport in AE?

I was pointed the new frame data and was checking it a while ago, total duration for both PPP and KKK has +4 frames, but frankly I didn’t really notice any change. Shouldn’t it be kind of noticeable?

So, what happened there?

I know they updated the f.data on SRK wiki since it now shows the correct advantage values for close st.LK (+5, previously it said +4) and far st.LP (previously +5), but what about the teleport?

To me, that looks even worse tbh. I mean, I (almost) never manage to get it to hit 5 times, it glitches often.

On top of that, they nerfed both stun and damage, so it ends up like a 140/160 move. Way off better to go with EX Fireball and keep the pressure going - also, more stun.

Atm I’m using it as “get off me” move, or simply hoping to throw them back in the corner.

Thanks Loyal that was very helpful.

Keep moving… I’ve run into a few decent Blanka players online and your best bet it to NOT stay put. As LoyalSol said, jabs will beat his hops though it’s a pain to time them online, more so if there’s lag (even minimal). You just have to adapt on the fly to the timing.

It’s not a GREAT example as my Akuma’s not that good, but here’s a vid I put up on my youtube of a Blanka match. But you should get the idea as I’m constantly moving here and he had a hard time getting to me with hop shennanigans. I played a 2nd match with him where I wasn’t as mobile and he won…

Basically keep moving, but stay grounded (not like I did, jumping around like an idiot) and you should find this matchup will become easier.

I find its still one of Akuma’s best tech busting moves as it leaves you safe (unless playing sim) and does decent damage AND only costs you one bar. But yes, its a bit goofier now and the s/d nerfs kinda suck.

On a complete unrelated note, Gouken’s ex tatsu is awesome now.