Akuma FAQs: Quick questions & answers!

I finally got the hang of low Hurricane kick -> Hard Punch Shoryuken without mashing buttons (: but now I’m trying to get the timing for low Hurricane kick -> sweep (I tried double tapping, but my character doesn’t even crouch sometimes)

This is really helpful, I actually got my LHK -> HPS because of your guidance xD, but for the sweep, it doesn’t even come out lol. I tried changing the timing but doesn’t seem to work (I know it’s character specific, I’m training against Oni)

plink the c.hk

Tatsu>sweep is harder on some characters than others, I’m pretty sure it’s a 1 frame link against a few so definitely consider plinking the sweep for higher success rate.

Start practicing tatsu > sweep against Balrog, Dhalsim and Cammy, I find those to be the easiest to tatsu > sweep.

dont 4get that tatsu > sweep isnt universal

Sorry to bother you guys again, but if I want to learn how to read frame data and apply them in my gameplay, is there a section in this forum that could help me? Thanks^_^

**How do we do an instant jump air fireball? wtv that’s called ^^"

You could use the search form with some words like “tk air fireball” and then found this :

And if you’re really gangsta, you could use youtube and search for “akuma instant air fireball” and found this :

maybe :slight_smile:

What is the point in linking a sweep off a standing jab on characters like Sagat who can be swept after tatsu? I haven’t tested it myself but I would assume a tatsu sweep combo would do more damage than all those jabs.

I didn’t calculate the damage difference and I would guess it’s minimal because those jabs do add up against characters like Abel and Sagat lol, however I personally love the positioning of absolutely far jabs into sweeps, they open more mixup options like DF palm/dive kicks shenanigans.

  1. st.lp , sweep will hit at a range nothing else could hit.
  2. st.lp can hit meaty after some far st.HK at a range where nothing else could hit.

How do we approach our enemies? Jumping is the worst idea (not used to staying grounded yet)

Also after a successful dive kick, I always get grabbed when I try to start my combo with a LK :frowning:

Watch more videos and look harder.
Some tips :
you got a fireball, no need to get in
you got an air fireball, works great in jump forward too
you got fast normals and walk speed, footsies, whiff punish.
At some point/range, you can make someone push a button to defend the space in front of them. That’s where the game really starts.

What are the inputs you guys use for the close standing HP > Teleport > Ultra 2? I’ve been very hit or miss trying to execute it properly.

so hard to check the first page ?

If you’re going to be a dick about it, don’t reply. I’ve already looked at that thread already and I wasn’t getting much luck with those vids, which is why I asked a question in the ask a question thread to see if someone could explain it better.

Actually you didn’t ask for much help. Not saying a word about your own methods.
The thread you got with this link lists some different ways people use. There’s also some other thread (way older) about it with even more ways to do it.

And for the “being a dick”, you should read with both eyes so you can see the smiley better. If you don’t like people pointing out your errors that’s another story.
Short reply isn’t always mean reply you know.

Hello again! I have another question about a certain link.

I’m having difficulty doing this particular combo.

cr.LP->st.HP->fireball (I don’t know if this combo is any good, but I thought of adding a cr.LP to link into HP. I’m kind of new and I just realize that I spend too much of my time sweeping and heavy attacking *Opponent keeps getting counterhits on me= ouch my lifepoint xD)

it’s not “any good”, it’s THE LINK to master if you want to say you’re playing Akuma.
Akumas links are short, unlike others.

Fellow noob Akuma here - is something that needs to be plinked to bring the timing accuracy up?

It’s beneficial to plink for sure - just need to ensure you can still follow it up (Close fierce is fiercely negative on block and even unsafe on hit, without a special cancel you’ll eat a whole world of hurt).

nah it’s not plinking the problem xD It’s doing the motion of cr. to st. then hadouken (aka cr again) I always fail the hadouken in the combo :confused: