Akuma Fire Hadoken Cancel EX Shoryuken (not FADC)

Click on the link to see the video.

i dont get it, you just used ex shaku and somehow canceled into ex srk?

There was something like this except it was a Shaku cancelled into an EX tatsu.

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lol west…Do you ever give up? I’d call you a troll & stuff, but you’re so damn good :stuck_out_tongue: (at SF)

I’v never seen this before, not particularly useful, but one of those things? Can you cancel other moves with this?

West is a troll. :smokin:

looks like you taunt cancelled into a ex srk

I know you can Taunt directly after a Focus… Serves no purpose, but do it fast enough it looks like you’re focusing with a taunt (Do it on a far fireballs :P)

peupty pants.

this is because of the shortcut system…it’s technically shaka kara ex dp but I know I do shaka kara teleports all the time…it turns a 0 frame teleport into a 1-2 frame teleport which is stupid.

what the hec are the inputs for that!?

f, df, d, db+P, df, d, df+PP

You can mash it out.

is it possible to use this method to kara into either demon? my friend has been going on and on about how a akuma online did a shaku followed “immediately” by a demon that he said caught him but i couldn’t even come close to replicating it… is there any truth to it?

Any fireballs that Akuma has can be cancelled into a SUPER. Not an ultra though. I’ve done the tactic couple times on people that get too focus happy with fireballs. You need to input the super really fast though immediately after the fireball.

prolly to super but not ultra

lol cool glitch, i want a fire demon now.

i like lp.hado to super because its almost safe. if they hado it cancels with yours, if they attack they get hit by hado, if they focus the hado they get grabbed, jump back is hit by hado. only thing that beats it is a jump towards akuma over the fireball.

Almost safe? Really?
Depending on the range, either hado hits first or super hits first. Imho not pretty reliable. Most Chars can do heavy damage on Akuma with a jumpin followed by a bnb combo. And depending on range your opponent has time to think about, what his options are when seeing the demon starting behind the hado.
Imho fireball xx super is useless.
A waste of 4 bars… Think of the damage u could do with two fadc combos. :wink: