Akuma for a new(er) player? Why don't more kittens play Akuma? Comboing into Ultras?



What do you all think about Akuma for a newer player? I’ve been learning the game (and stick) with Ryu but I’m ready for the next step. I’m trying to determine if I should stick with Ryu, or move on to a character like Akuma (or maybe Ken). Any thoughts? Also, why the heck do I never see anyone playing Akuma on streams / tourneys? Minus Infaltration, of course.

Also, how the hell do you combo into his Ultras? I can land Ultra 1 sometimes, but U2 is so hard to land. I read you can HP -> U2 but I just can’t do it. Any advice?

  1. No idea. Not much Dan, Dudley, Hawk, Feis, … from my point of view. So might be in your head/area only :slight_smile:

  2. search field in forums does wonders :slight_smile:


So what are your thoughts between Akuma or Ken? I just have to image that there’s a reason that there are so few akuma players. I didn’t see a single one last night watching WNF, but I saw plenty of Kens. Any advice would be great!


To do HP > U2 you have to actually do HP > Teleport > U2 since U2 can only be canceled into from teleport.


Yea, that is extremely difficult. Hell I can’t even do ken’s hadoken FDAC U2. I feel like I’m doing it fast enough but the dummy keeps blocking it.


I started with Akuma, nothing wrong with that.
But if your concern is how to do high execution stuff at your level, you’re doing it wrong.


Could you elaborate?


There’s a lot of things to understand and master before the high execution combos. There’s things you’ll master in training room the next year, but you’ll be able to put it live the year after. Meanwhile, you still need to kick asses with what you can do.


Honestly I think akuma is a really really bad character to start out with. Or any other character that has an air fireball. They teach you bad habits, diago once stated that akuma is a character for people that don’t know how to play sf. That might seem like he saying its a good character to start with, but he is not. You get away with way to much stuff that is unsafe, on 98% of the othe cast if you do the same. Air fireballs teach yo to jump to much. You can safe jump at any point in the match. Start with ken or ryu. I to start to learn this game its easier to learn it on the ground.

Scrubquotes is back!
Scrubquotes is back!

Vgundam is spot on. I started with akuma and I developed a lot of bad jumping habits. I’ve been using him since the original SF 4 and it took me until Ultra was released to get real good with him. Once I started coming across Hugo players everything changed and something just clicked. At first I was getting owned because of his ex back breaker, I’d jump and get ripped out of the air all the time which forced me to focus on my ground game. Once I learned when to jump and how to safely use his demon flip my game improved 100%.

Another important thing to learn is how to poke and punish effectively. Mashing cr.lp/mp/mk will net you a few hits but his health is so low that landing a few lucky pokes will not help you. Learning to slow down and combo off the jab is key.

Effective zoning is also a must, especially vs ryu/ken/e ryu. I use a lot of fireballs in these matchups to keep them pinned down and frustrate them into doing unsafe moves. Knowing who to heavily zone and who not to is critical. It’s a must for some matches but some characters, like ibuki with meter will shut down your fireballs entirely.

I think his health is one of the reasons you don’t see many. Some combos will take away nearly half your health so a couple mistakes and it’s game over. Online lag makes him much harder to use as well. I’m on pc and the steam version can have horrible input lag. I can’t tell you how many times i’ve tried to throw an ex air fireball only to have a punch come out which is then punished. If I think it’s a laggy connection I’ll usually play it safe and go with ryu rather than loosing and getting frustrated because something didn’t come out or my links get thrown off.


I really appreciate the info. I’ll read it all later but I saw the bit about online lag. Try meeting people through local forums / FB groups and play online with them. At least on XBL playing online with people in close proximity has no lag.




are you serious? don’t play him because he has an air fireball? Guys, no one is FORCING you to use it. If you have bad habits, that’s YOUR fault. btw, there’s no such thing as “any other char with an air fireball”. Akuma is the ONLY char that has one ROFL.


That’s definitely the reason. I’m pretty laid back but I get so irritated by the average SF player talking BS about how easy he is to use and top tier blah blah.

It takes serious dedication, years, with the character to get good and use him effectively.

I’m on that journey and don’t know if I’ll reach it before they drop SF5 but he is only top tier at the very highest level.

Most people try Akuma and quit because there’s no “win button”.


I’m less than a year in and (after playing Vega for most of my first 6+ months) I am now pretty sure that I’m going to main with Akuma and stick it out for the long haul.

As to the regard that it teaches you bad habits (or that he is a character for those that don’t know how to play lol!), I really don’t see how. The LAST thing you want to do with Akuma is throw out random demon flips or to go around jumping all over the stage; You simply do not have the vitality to be making bad jumps or to be sloppily aggressive. You want to occasionally use neutral jump air hadoken as a zoning tool, but only when you can semi-confidently make a read on what your opponent is going to do pressure-wise (as well as mix it up by neutral jumping and not firing the hadoken and either landing to a dash/teleport/block or coming down with a mk). You use forward jump air fireball as a wakeup pressure tool (which is the only place you should be using your demon flip, really, if you’re playing a smart opponent). And you rarely, if ever, want to use the backwards jumping one – especially now that it has extra recovery. My opinion, anyway. I’ve been training to play much of the neutral game as if I were Ryu/Evil Ryu (not completely of course, i just mean keeping it simple and trying to stay on the ground and win the footsie game with the amazing walkspeed and far hk). But if you’re jumping more than a few time a round, while you’re opponent is standing, you’re just asking for it.

His real advantage lie in: 1. in his wake up game, where Demon Flip shines and what it was meant for: keeping the opponent guessing whether they’re getting hit front-high, back-high, back-low, getting thrown from the air, or getting thrown from the ground. and 2. He can end most rounds in 3-4 combos (combos that you can start off a cr. lk or s. lp, OR after a wakeup jump-in kick. His biggest weakness is the same. You can be KOed in about 3 good combos from most players (probably even 2 depending on character/meter); and if you’re playing someone with a solid vortex game that means you can lose a lot of matches the second you get hit by a single normal. It’s fun and challenging to take Akuma.

I’m a newer player and I don’t have much trouble at all doing s.hp -> teleport --> u2 (you can actually end the teleport motion in up, so that the actual teleport registers your first UP+kkk; then just add a quick UP+kkk) or doing s.hp -> red focus hit, dash -> u1 or u2 (you have to teleport to do u2 here, too, and do it QUICK). You can’t combo into the super but it’s excellent as a punish and when used in close quarters kara’ed from FORWARD+mp.

It’s BS that Akuma lends to bad habits or that he’s for people that don’t want to learn the game (and I agree I’d like to see a source from that cuz I’m not buying it). You really want to play even more humbly and carefully than you would with Ryu. You’re going to want to develop some bad habits, because they WILL be effective against the CPU or against low-level opponents, but that is the case no matter which character you choose! YOU have to have the willpower to stay smart, to not abuse anything that isn’t absolutely safe – in fact you have to be that much smarter and more quick-witted than your opponent, because in 43 out of 44 matchups they start the match with a life lead and you can be KOed very easily.

If you want to take him, take him. It takes some dedication and you won’t get any lazy or gimmicky wins, but it is a lot of fun and very satisfying to learn. That being said you are NOT going to be able to pick him up right away and win every online match you play – It’s going to take some patience and lots of time in training/playing CPU.


Ken is the one that is “for people that don’t know how to play,” by the way. He lends himself toward making gambles the entire match over fundamentals. If you’re looking to learn a new character that’s a little more of a challenge but that you can apply Ryu’s fundamentals to, you’ll definitely want to go with either Akuma or Evil Ryu.