Akuma/Gouki is Australian

Akuma/Gouki is an Australian.

This theory is by EXC355UM of the Ozhadou community.

“Your honor? I rest my face”


It’s just a joke line DDC, nothing to worry about. =P

Anyways, I wonder if anyone else has any info that they would like to add to support the theory, or if Ono himself posts a rant why Akuma is not an Aussie?..
You think that’s why Akuma has red hair?..

Akuma is not convict or a crocdile hunter so how can he be aussie. I heard he even hates soccer AND koala’s…

Akuma has murdered many people = Making him a convict.
I would assume someone like Akuma would eat Crocodiles.

Soccer?.. Good thing that isn’t our national sport. And everyone hates Koala’s! =D

inquiring minds wish to know

How do i become a member of the ozhadou community?

Show me the bodies of these people he’s killed.

Akuma is Hawaiian.

Look at his nose, his slippers, his beads, skin color.

And the faggoty colored hair.

Australian Aboriginal




I wish I could man, but they are in some police files somewhere and we don’t have access to them. But seriously, most of the people he “Killed” some how come back to life or were just “Sleeping” so that might be hard to do. I’m sure they’re out there some where. Good call though Edge, I like it.

@Boel: Just like any other forum, sign up. =]

…aaaannd Ryu’s rival right with Akuma is in Oceania(Austraila, New Zealand, etc, etc), but then again, Cammy vs Viper is in a Chinese back alley, right? So I guess that kind of makes my point invalid.

Either way, cool, we could use some Pacific Islanders/Aussies.

*part of me thinks of Australia when I think of Charlie Nash…

I always thought he was Ainu Japanese but this is a totally sound theory that I support 100% !

Thinking about it…Akuma has to be feeling a tad upset that he went through all this trouble to learn a technique that sends people’s souls to hell and corrupts himself in the process is failing all types of horrible at the moment. Perhaps when he was looking at the scrolls for the forbbiden techniques of his martial art he somehow mistook ‘sleep’ for ‘death’?

Haha, that would suck the big one man. I hope he read the manual for “Demon Armageddon” correctly. =P

And thanks to all those who have shown their support, now I can prove that I’m not crazy!! @_@

this is a joke
google translate as proof? lol

Hey man… google translator has saved my life many times. ;_;

Mission failed.

Akuma’s rope belt is hand woven by a Wiradjuri Tribesman using the bark of a rare and ancient Snowy Mountains plum tree.

The Tazzie Devil ultra was all the proof I needed.

Funny accent? Check.
Constant tan? Check.
Hates the Japanese? Check.

Damn. He might very well be one of those criminals from down under.