Yeah I ran out of room on my typing paper so I had to add extra on ps. The coloring I tried to add some tooth to it like alpha. I saw this one pic this girl did and she used tooth in a different way. Mine didn’t come out as effective as hers, but oh well.

hehe… Awesome!.. Akuma stole Ryu’s white band… :P… What “tooth” are ya’ talking about?..

Akuma and Ryu Sitting in a Tree

Not bad of a sketch. Akuma is looking like a pervert with Ryu’s head band though; I can just imagine him smelling it when no one is looking. Heh heh…

quit biting you tool.

Seriously though, good stuff. Link me to this picture of the girl and the tooth style.

His facial expression doesn’t fit him at all.

It’s like:

I miss Weeyou *whimper :(.

Still looks good though.



Talented pic. Good job.

cool pic. i like the sketch more than the colored version for some reason (maybe cuz the background is a little too brown). overall, awesome stuff.


In all honestly, I think his expression is the best part. You have to think about who Ryu is to Gouki. In Gouki’s eyes Ryu is at almost his equal, with his Evil Intent of course. Gouki wants to see what Ryu has, to see if he is on his level. According to this pic, Ryu didn’t come to Gouki’s expectation. He looks disgusted and unsatisfyed. Now that Ryu is gone he has no one to challenge, he has no predacessor(sp?)

nice:D u can always expect nice work from u, i liked how u showed the line work and the colored vers. next to each other, i like them both, but like zen said the sketch better, cause of all the brown, but i still like how u colored it though, that tooth thing? u talking about the brush right? i see in the shadows u have the little pattern effect that looks like teeth

anyways great stuff, want more :smiley:

Ah thanks everyone.

Gammon you still play cvs2 on live. Let’s get some games in man.

Sketches are never really planned so there were alot whatevers. Yeah, I also like the sketch better also. Dreaded fist told me it was wack and I have to agree.:stuck_out_tongue: Too anime for me.

Yea we should play on CvS2 sometime. I play when my college isn’t effing me in the ass 'cuz they screw us on our bandwidth. If you got AIM then you can AIM me when you wanna play.