Akuma Graphics Thread



So I’ve noticed that there’s alot of Akuma graphics just not a place to show them off so I thought I’d make one please make sure to give credit to the artist if your planning on using his/her work, thanks:)


Another one I made a while ago:)


My GDLK Arcade stick image. :slight_smile: Made it from scratch with only 3 images that were stock :nunchuck:



Did you use a drawing pad?


NO i used Photoshop without a pad… Wish I had one… Had done GFX for 1.5 years but then took a 2 year break at it… the 3 images were normal but the effects are custom made myself.


Where did you manage to find the stocks for akuma? as you can see on mine I didn’t have much to choose from but I did make all the effects and background custom


Anybody know of or can make a custom green colored Akuma theme stick art?


I can do this.


here are some images i made in PS for my xbox 360 custom theme


Wow you guys are awesome when it comes to doing this art. Especially with one of my favorite characters being Akuma. I hope you guys continue to show off your art work. These would make awesome desktop images.