Akuma HDR Evo 09

So was (is) Akuma banned from HD Remix at Evo 09?

Sorry if this has been asked before but tried searching and looking on main site.

Reason I asked cos Sirlin obviously balanced him somewhat and was saying on his site that we finally have a 17th playable character etc

So was he allowed in Evo for HDR?


Ahh right thanks, was looking for that.

So, not trolling or anything but why isn’t Akuma allowed since he has been balanced?

because he’s not balanced.

Players agreed that he is not balanced enough.

I see, I would kinda agree with that. I guess its not really possible to balance him totally without taking away his air fireball but then he wouldnt be Akuma without that lol.

Although they seem to have Akuma in SFIV balanced ok.

No way man. That raging demon is imba, can’t block it high or low.

Akuma for ban evo2k10 in sf4

basically what mechzz is saying is that most tick set ups that akuma uses can’t be jumped out of. due to a programming error of the way his RD works. Add that with tons of block set ups with his air fireball, and its almost garunteed that he’ll land it.

also damdai showed in several tournaments leading up to evo that a run-away akuma can’t be touched.

Akuma is fine in SFIV.

Are you saying people in Japan haven’t figured him out?
They don’t want to win.

There is not one Akuma in the top 10 battle points ranking.

I hope you realize he’s joking :party:

I was joking about SF4 lol

But I’ve seen the demon set up in hd remix, I think one way to avoid it is to let the fireball hit you. Don’t quote me on that though, I suck in hd remix


lol somebody doesn’t have a sense of humor. if you neg rep at least leave your handle

I didn’t even see the SF4 part. But yeah if you let it hit you, you then run the risk of eating a big combo. you can’t win.

No, I didn’t realize it.:blush:

Sarcasm is hard to tell sometimes, especially with kids on the net.