Akuma help

Ive sat here and Tried this combo again and again and Im convinced it doesnt work anymore.

c.L, c.M, c.H, C, superjumpcancel, M, M,H,S, Demonflip dive kick, when I land this the opponent is always pushed to far away and I cant land the S afterwords. Ive tryed every move and cant find anything to work. what am I doing wrong?

The air M M H S is significantly delayed. Also, you can use the Demon Flip in the air so if they are very high you can cancel into it before hitting the ground if you get the timing correctly, though it is not needed if you properly space the Air. M M H S.

Alternatively you could try doing c.L c.M c.H SJC M M H, L Demon Flip into palm follow up. Land c.M c.H S SJC M M H Tatsu Super.

Strongly recommend doing that. The demon flip otg your doing is what i do as well but its kind of random for me, stick to the demon flip palm for when your doing this but after an air throw then yes go for to otg demon flip and it should connect properly