Akuma Help

Ok i am a marvel vs capcom 2 player and CvS2 has caught my eye ever since it came out and i always watch videos for it cause it is pretty cool how people actually do those combos and cancels cause it seem difficult to me …well in a way im tryin to learn how to play this cause marvel vs capcom is gettin a little boring now. So if there is anyone willing help me out I play with Akuma alot as my main character so please teach me some nice combos or something. thanx

You’re a marvel player? Can you help me get started with Magneto?

What groove are you in? I like Akuma in a run groove the best.

-dp+K, f+P grab, (wait), qcb+LK (one hit), running dp+LP
If you’re at point blank range, use the dp+LK. Or you can also setup the grab with d.LK, d.LK, s.LK xx dp+MK. If they don’t stand up and keep blocking low, you’ll get the dp+K, P move. It’s all good because you get +4 frame advantage off that punch. If the opponent tries to do anything after blocking it, you get a free counter hit d.LP, d.HK combo.

If the other guy doesn’t do his quick getup, the setup after the running dp+LP is a tiger kneed LP air fireball. You land on the other side while the fireball hits from the front, and you also have huge frame advantage. The combo after the tiger kneed air fireball is d.LP, d.HP xx qcb+MK, juggle with DP. It works because the air fireball stands them up automatically for you when it hits.

-counter hit d.LP, d.HK xx qcb+LK (one hit), running DP.
Make sure you only do this combo when you have a frame advantage going, as it’s a really hard one frame link when the d.LP isn’t a counter hit.

-max range d.HK xx qcb+LK, running DP.
Use your d.HK in footgames or run up and do it when the opponent whiffs something laggy (like a Cammy far s.HK).

-d.LK, d.LK xx super.
It’s a no brainer way to land your super whenever you have meter. It’s hit comfirmable so you can tell when the opponent is blocking or when he’s getting hit. If you see he’s getting hit, combo into the super. If you see he’s blocking, walk up and throw or try to do the combo again. If the other guy thought you were going for d.LK, d.LK, walk up throw and tries to tech hit or something, you hit him for FREE with walk up counter hit d.LK, d.LK xx super. Of course you can just hesitate for a second and then hit him with d.HK xx qcb+LK combo. The +5 you get from the d.LK is great for setting up counter hits.

-walk up close s.HP xx hcb+HP.
This is great after a blocked jump in. The shoto’s close s.HP hits extrememly fast at 3 frame startup. More often than not, you’re going to counter hit the other guy. If they just blocked, that’s great too because the red fireball takes off a bunch of guard meter and chip damage. Mix it up by doing walk up, throw once the other guy realizes he can’t touch you after a blocked jump-in.

That should get you started for combos. Check the older threads in this forum (set to beginning) if you need some more tactics, fancy A-groove combos, or how to play defense etc…

It depends on what groove you want to use for Akuma.

C- Try to work your strategy around counter hit setups. You want to try to land that super obviously. The only way you’ll do it is by tricking your opponent.
cr.jab, st. strong, dash in, cr. short, wait, counter hit cr. short x2, super.

If the opponent doesn’t attack, then throw them.
But, because of the fact that Akuma takes damage so easily, try not to take too many risks.

A-Try to work you strategy around command grab and hurricane kick setups. These are the times when you can activate into CC.
Try to build meter as fast as possible so that you’ll be more of a threat. Other than that, try to learn as many CC setups as you can.

P-Try to go for parry setups into a mixup.
parry, cr. jab, cr. forward, RH demon flip, back+p grab, land, short hurricane.
Next time you parry…
do cr. jab, cr. forward, wait, into whatever. The opponent may expect you to go for the demon flip again and try to hit you out of it. Then you just wait for it and counter it.

Like I said, it depends on what groove you’re using.

Oh ok im reading this so far but what is running Dp?? And thnx for the help

as you run you cancel the run into a dragon punch(dp)