Akuma "Is this effective?" thread

hello im an akuma player who doesnt have access to very good other players all the time so i was wondering if people on this forum could help me test the effectiveness of some things i find.

One would be: Lk.Tats > Hk.Tats. this puts you right on the opposite side of the opponent with approximately enough time to cr.lp before they wake up.

Another is: What if in the combo j.HK > cr.mp > cr.mp > Lk.Tats > Hp.SRK, you replaced the Lk. Tats with an EX hadouken? This puts the opponent at perfect range for HK.demon flip mix-ups.

Yet another is the up-jump tats as a cross over. Is it safe? Does it ever connect? what do other players typically do on reaction?

and finally (for now): what if in the combo: J.HK > c.HP > Lk.Tats > Hp.SRK, you replaced the Lk.Tats with a heavy SRK, and then FADC the first hit. Ive done it in training and you can get the combo: J.HK > c.Hp > Hp.SRK > FADC (first hit) > cr.Lp > c.HP > Lk.Tats > Hp>SRK. this does 456 damage and 765 stun. Ive done it in training mode (against a few characters) and it worked there but i was wondering if it was worth the stock.

I intend this thread to be for akuma players who discover something in training mode and are wondering if its useful, to post and have other akuma players check in real matches if its useful.

these things are much better learned with experience.

But, lk.tats to hk.Tats I’ve never even heard of and definitely never seen. If you land a lk.tats, for now stick to hp.shoryu.

the jk thing. You can do what ever you want, it’s up to you. Just hope that your mixup lands as a divekick in to combo, or else you wasted one bar and bout 200 damage(if they block mixup). You would NEED to land divekick, if you land throw then you are not getting as much damage as if you would have done tatsu into shoryu. and most opponents block divekick.

last thing I don’t know, sounds reasonable, maybe someone else can give you insight on that.

  1. lose the cr. lp after the FADC. i’m pretty certain you’ll get more damage for w/o that and go straight to the close hp. as for the combo it’s up to you. you’re trading 2 bars for roughly 70 or so more damage plus more stun.

j.hk > s.hp xx hado FADC s.hp xx lk tatsu > shoryu does about the same damage and more stun…did i mention it’s a lot easier?

The crouching jab is the only thing that ive found can link after H.SRK > FADC. youre not given much time to do something

Why does all the cool stuff have to do less? thanks for letting me know.

if that’s the case change the dp to a hado into a close hp.

ya ive started doing that when i can. although i play a ryu most often and i usually end up using my stock on c.mk > EX hado on block to get the extra chip damage.

On Ryu:

s.hp > lk tatsu > s.mp > mk demon flip dive kick.

Crosses him up. Zing. So then you can:

c.lp > s.hp > lk tatsu > lp srk > fadc > red ball

The close standing strong right? Neato!

ill see if i cant try that tonight