Akuma looks..ugh...here's a paintover

This just made me feel a little better…even if nothing comes of it.


Wow. I definitely like your version better. I mean, I guess Akuma doesn’t always have to have a frown on his face, but I don’t remember his nose ever being pointed. But I haven’t play SF much other than 3S and CVS2. So I might be wrong.

OP your version is better. I really feel that Akuma’s face is too slim for someone so built. Not to mention it conflicts with all the previous artwork before.

1hitparry: Akuma’s nose has never been like that. It’s tends to be wider than that and not pointy at all.

Good work, your version looks far more menacing. The skinny face is pretty iffy.

A LOT better man. You should send this shit to capcom or somthing. Get thier shit straight.

Square nose please, hopefully they will change it.

Yeah, I like yours better. Although, I’m being pretty nitpicky.

when i look at yours and then look at the original. it looks like someone was trying to mod the original to make him look like a typical vampire. the original looks like the edit. means you did a good job

wtf did u use to edit it? lol nice job man

That’s the same thing I thought. I couldn’t believe that the pointy nose version is the actual in-game one. :rofl:

Something should be done about his wife-beater gi top… Ugh.

God i hate DIMPS. once again you fixed some pretty obvious problems with sf4 faces. love the paintover!