Akuma Mid Screen CC

Okay say I landed did the following mid-screen:

lp, lk, lk hurricane kick, lk hurricane kick, activate

What do I do now? For now I just keep on doing lk hurricane kicks and when I get in the corner, I do his hp red fireballs. I want to know a more damaging way of getting them to the corner. lk hurricane kicks are just easy that’s why i use them for now.


c.LK, c.LK, Hurricane Kick, land, activate, s.Fierce, RH Demon Flip, RH Hurricane Kick, [land, Fierce Red FB, RH Demon Flip, j.RH, RH Hurricane Kick], when you’re close to the corner (not IN the corner) [Fierce Red FB, s.MP] xN xx Fireball super.

Press HP, QCB+HK after the HK demon flips. That flying palm attack canceled into one hit air hurricanes.

okay this doesn’t have anything to do with an A groove akuma but I didn’t want to make another thread.

what are his good pokes? i mean if you can’t get up close, which pokes could i use to get in their face to land a combo? thanks in advance

I’m more of a Ryo man than a shoto player, but with all shotos (and Dan) I use the c.MK when i’m at a distance and want to try to get in close. It has good reach and doesn’t put you in the way of harm much when blocked. 2-in-1 a lp fireball if you’re way back at max hitting range and walk/dash up if you wanna get in close. Be careful with this on certain characters though. Sagat, among others have better pokes that can snuff some of these attempts to get close. S.HP is ok as well but it’s a little laggy. And i’m sure you already know lk hurricane kicks and lp dragon punches (they go through projectiles) are also ways to get close. Hope this mouthful helps a little.

Could someone post the Double Demon Throw combo? It’s the one at the beginningof the namonaki Akuma vid where they do the Demon Flip head throw into the Demon Flip body throw.

I can do the first part, which is c.hk, s.hp, HK Demon Flip into f+p. Then I know you do another Demon Flip (not sure which one, haven’t had success with any of them) into the f+k throw. By then you’re in the corner and just tacking on the damage anyway.

So how do you link one Demon Flip throw into another?

U do the first demon flip throw, then u do another rh demon flip. U have to catch him b4 he lands from the 1st demon flip throw.

i know this topic is dead… but ill post it anyways…

CC, c.hk, s.hp, rh demon flip + hp, rh demon flip + hk (cornered) (landed/slammed), c.hp, c.hp, c.lk(whiff), jump up hk, hp, air super.

i don’t get the purpose of this custom?? it doesn’t sound like it does much damage, why not just do his normal custom?


it was asked for, so i posted it. It doesnt do much damage at all.

Some Akuma CC guidlines/summary:

With Akuma’s CCs, it’s best to keep the pre-activation as short as possible (for damage scaling), for example, activate after only 1 LK Hurricane.

The best way to juggle them to the corner is with SJ.HKxxAir Hurricane. You will land a little further away from your opponent after each rep, so you should include a Close S.HPxxHK Demon FlipxxAir Hurricane when necessary.

Almost always, the Demon Flip piece should be the first thing after the activation. If the opponent is very close at activation, you may want to start with HPxxC.LK (whiff) instead since the Demon Flip might not connect if you are too close. If you are too far from your opponent to do the Close S.HP, you can substitute it with C.HP. You shouldn’t need to use more than 1 set of this to juggle from any point to the corner (even fullscreen).

Of course, when you get to the corner, finish with HP Red Fireballs (use the punch cancel technique to squeeze in a few more hits if you can) and the Super Fireball.

If you are already in the corner at activation, just do 2 reps of Straight-Up SJ.HKs to preceed the hit-count fireballs.

The good CC set-ups are Hurricane Kicks and the Demon Flip Grabs. You can also use DPs to set up the CC. For example, do an early LP DP on a jump-in. Only the last hit will connect, then do HK Hurricane (leaves you at point blank) and activate.