Akuma Mirror Match help. Standing Fierce reset to demon flip



In my fight against J.R., [media=youtube]boILgFEn5dA[/media], he often did short Tatsu, standing Fierce to reset into demon flip. Whenever I blocked, he would either a), demon flip throw, or b), crouching Jab into throw. I tried to focus it but he would quickly Jab it gone, or he would demon flip throw if he sees me charging my focus beforehand. I tried to anti-air it with crouching Fierce or Shoryuken and they would either trade or his demon flip would stuff them. I suppose I could teleport. But anyways, how do you punish the reset demon flip?




If he does mk demonflip just crouching will make the kick whiff. Same goes for mk flip throw, but only in case he inputs it to early, as it has to be done a tad later to catch crouching opponents. Crouching leaves you vulnerable to a lk flip or a mixup after the whiffed mk flip though.

SRK will beat out an lk flip, except for the perfectly timed throw, as illustrated in one of the other two threads about resets (I dunno which one, sorry). I didnt test the palm yet, my guess is that it would trade, depending on the strength of shoryu used. I might be wrong though.
It will however whiff to the front if he uses mk flip and get you punished hard, prepare for kara demon.
Ive noticed that it is a little distance dependant whether mk flip kick crosses up or not.

So yeah, teleport.


you can uppercut the shit out of that… I was wondering why you weren’t doing it. You also might be able to walk under him and throw/combo, but I’m not 100% on that. Or just teleport.


Demon Flip resets are completely useless against people with teleports. You have a teleport, so mash the shit out of that and get away.


Nice matches to watch. JRs advances are very confident.

Keep a note when focusing a series of fireballs that Akuma’s are worth 100 stun damage, so you don’t want to gather a couple of those in a row and finally get hit.

Anyways, practice the reset flip through recording in training to look for your ideal escape.

One thing I wanna ask from seeing this vid is:

How the hell did JR get a Super right out of a Red Fireball? I just had a go at this and I’ve only found it possible after a fireball has completely recovered and is at least half way across the screen.

I get what he’s looking to achive. If he matches a fireball of equal strength, (the red in this match would be his bet) then he sails through as they cancel each other and might be able to hit their recovery. But how does he pull it off?


Red fireball is super cancelable. Input the super as fast as you can after inputting the red fireball.


JR has been doing the red fireball cancel in many matches, and I really have not seen it work once. I can see just how scary it would be, a three-hit fireball and a demon coming at you, but you could jump pretty much any way and avoid it. I made a [media=youtube]G01BpuU6dUk&fmt=22"[/media] with a couple super setups that pretty much waste your meter.

As for the actual question, teleport out of reset is your best bet MOST of the time. If you get predictable you will then be c.LP resetted, and that person will be an asshole like West and just walk backwards for the throw. SRK is useful against LK flip mixup, but if they use MK or even HK, you’re going to whiff major and get punished regardless.



West is a master baiter…

of teleports.

He never throws me though, I eat massive combos :slight_smile:


There are two easy ways to punish this.

You can simply walk forward after the fierce reset and it’ll avoid the mixup and you can punish his recovery, or you can simply teleport. Just walk forward.


once people start doing this ive got a counter measure :lovin:


hahahahahahahahaha. luvs it.


Thanks guys. Gotta level up my game.