Akuma needs more armor breaks?

akuma armorbreaks: punch during demon flip+u1=+2 and super but u can evade ultras and super by back dash into jump

I think you’ve been missinformed, or perhaps do not understand the mechanics of some of Akumas Ultras/Super

I used to hate that a demon flip was his one answer to long distance fireball focusing while ryu/ken got useful tatsu breaks, but against those like balrog, gouken or whoever focuses/armors on wakeup, dflip is incredibly useful. I’d rather safejump palm than horizontal tatsu on their wakeup.

Have focus attack releases gotten much quicker? I get beaten out of fs.hk quite often than in sf4.

@pokey86 i mean if he uses his u1 or super from long enough distance then u can back dash-forward or neutral jump or if opponent uses u2 do back dash 2 evade it

I see what you mean but who would just do a random GRAB ultra from fullscreen? And the only time i think one would use U2 is in either a combo or teleporting through a fireball and hitting them in their recovery frames (you can just jump over them and get a jump in combo for that matter).

yeah but you could say that about any ultra, hell from most distances you can stop it with a standing jab… just it’s unlikely anyone’ll do it. & you can just crouch his U2 :stuck_out_tongue:

From what i hear, they have gotten quicker, unless we do a direct comparrison i can’t prove it :stuck_out_tongue: that said it’s not a guaranteed stopper like some double hits… But it’s a damn site faster than Guiles Crouch hk… i wouldn’t list that as a focus break :stuck_out_tongue:

@sizar92 its a scrub used technique ive came across it online against scrubby akumas