Akuma Nullifying Beam Hypers




The hitboxes of this move eats the the ENTIRE hitbox duration of all beam priority moves. Only one hit needs to cancel the entire hyper so you can use this to make some interesting situations. Only works for beam priority moves and not normal priority moves, Example being Akuma’s H version of his Gou Hadou vs his normal one.

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holy shit. you never know when something like that will come in handy.




I never would have thought of that/attempted that.


You can also DHC to another char and remain unaffected by the beam. (ex, dorm does chaotic flame, akuma does goshoryuu, cancels to taskmaster legion arrow and hits dorm clean)


A little not


understand, it seems that I need to learn more


Anyone know if this still works in Ultimate? Real curious to know.


I don’t see why they would take out, it seems like something that was designed and not an actual glitch since its exclusive to him and c.viper. And even if it was a glitch, seems like one of those glitches that adds more to the character.


It’s not a glitch. Keep in mind that despite the fact these “beam” hypers are supposed to simulate laser-like attacks, they are actually just one, giant, stationary rectangular projectile. As such, it has a priority level and durability. As a C. Viper main, I know that the Thunder Knuckle punches she does during Emergency Combination (the two punch, two flame kick hyper) actually count as projectiles, which eat right through the beam. They have massive durability, and you only need one punch to kill it. So, it’s probably the same case with Akuma, where his purple glowy punches actually have a projectile hitbox on them. That combined with invincibility is all you need.


Yes this still works in umvc3. Chris is the 3rd character that has something like this but not as easy to use. Ice grenade eats beams.