Akuma on pad vs stick

Currently using Madcatz fightpad and maining Akuma, I also have the tournament edition Madcatz fightstick, and have tried several times to make the switch, but stuff that i can do in training with it never seems to work in online play, ie. cr lp into lk tatsu; my timing seems way off with the stick. I just get frustrated and switch mid-match back to pad. I know stick is ultimately better, but i’ve read several posts stating that with akuma it really doesent matter, and a good akuma told me the same thing; that his combo’s can be easily pulled off on either. I don’t think ill ever be at a high level of play, due to lack of time to play, but i would like to get better, so im wondering if it’s worth the time to spend hours in training mode to get better on fightstick. Any opinions?

In a similar situation, the main answer you’ll get is: Its all about preference.

I use a ps2 pad bt I have a stick as well, u gotta get that muscle memory down is all, eventually u wont have to think about it. Also, as frustrating as it gets, try to commit to the stick. There are some absolute demons on pads, please believe. I’m sure the better Akumas will chime in there.

Also, whats the fightpad saying? Once upon a time i considered getting one, whats the Dpad like?

I play Akuma on pad, and I can’t make cr.MK > kara ultra and overhead > kara demon… I’ve already sucess it on training, but I don’t know any gouki’s player on pad who cans cr.MK > ultra consistensly. You need to replace it by sweep > ultra, but bigger hitbox. I think from playing Gouki since Vanilla start that stick is definitively better for Gouki (but again, can’t really prove it, I play on pad)

Akuma is very pad viable. I use the 360 controller

Really? Kara demons and all?

Also this thread might be useful: Would switching from a pad to a stick make a huge difference for an Akuma player?

The only thing I’ve ever had a problem with is KKZ resets in 3S

It’s fine, im not the best with execution, but thats my fault not the d pad’s. It’s very accurate and i can hit most of his combo’s, the only ones i really have trouble with are the st hp xx hadoken fadc ones, even in training mode, im better with those on stick.

Never played on a stick, but for me keyboard>pad. There are so many shortcuts on keyboard and theres not a single input you cant perform except a 360 motion. Are keyboards accepted in tournaments?

I use the ps3 controller. Only things I can’t do are the OS throw tech using cr.mp, kara throw and cr.mk cancelled into U1.

It depends on what your comfy with, i use the 360 afterglow controller and i do very well and you can still do a AA RD with C.hk lowering your hitbox kara demon is alittle tricky but it works.However… i will say one thing about the controllers lacking is you literally can’t do a AA RD with C.mk with your thumb unless you play with the new PDP fightstick controller. I saw one in gamestop and played around with the buttons and the clicking anolog stick and was like him maybe this would allow me to do that im going to try it out and see if its worth using or not. I like the hybrid feel of arcade buttons and the 360 anolog stick for my thumb it just feels better to me plus I suck playing akuma with a arcade stick =/.

Honestly, do what you want and what feels comfortable. The whole point is to have fun. Make the switch if/when you want to, and if you never want to, that’s completely fine. Also, I don’t think execution is a factor between the two, because if you’re good and practice, you’re going to know how to do your stuff regardless of what you play on. We all know Wolfkrone and his execution on pad is top notch with a heavy-execution character.

If you need a deciding factor, maybe my little tidbit would help. I played on the Xbox controller for about 6 months (always mained Akuma) and did what I consider decent (3rd round!)l in that Gamestop tourney they held when vanilla was released. The only reason I switched to stick was because I went to Houston at PZ and not only got completely destroyed because they were better than me, I got extremely frustrated because I couldn’t do any of the things I knew I could do. And it’s not like I could talk to them and be like “hey, I’m better on 360 pad!” because 1. its just an excuse, I would have still got bodied and 2. they probably wouldn’t have cared in the slightest.

Point is, I made the switch because I believe playing in an arcade is where it’s at. I always have more fun at the arcade (currently go to UFO whenever I can) than I do even at console tournaments.

Another point, you never have to worry “Ah shit, is it on PS3 or 360?” because you play on stick, it’s the same for both. Sure they make those converters… but I never hear good things about them. Had my opponent use one at Absolute Battle in Dallas, and it was a huge hassle just to get it to work.

I’m not sure if this would be considered tangential, but I have an extremely high suspicion that a Hitbox (or any number of customs with the same template) would probably be the best you can get after the acclimation period ends. There are just so many things that will become reflexive with almost no room for error. Not everyone has the perfect position with a stick, and some players are not equally good on both directions of the screen. Yet obviously you want the buttons of a joystick.

Think about how effortless dashes and FADCs will be (compared to how you may feel about them with a stick).
Think about how effortless crouching, and walking forward on reaction dragon punches will be.
Think about how effortless his command dive kick will be.

Someone could argue about how you should practice so much that you can’t ever make an error with a stick. Ok, except that almost no one is a perfect robot, and sticks have moving parts that wear down and become much less responsive over time too. The game should be more about knowing what to do and when over simply bulldogging someone else who isn’t as precise with a particular controller. I’m not advocating a hands free, it plays itself approach either. I do know that I get extremely sick of any kind of lag interferring with directional inputs though. The Hitbox style would theoretically prevent this from ever happening.