Akuma: One Hit Death?

Ok, I downloaded a video called tosaka-3rd, and it showed Akuma charging up some kinda special and wiped out TWELVE in one hit! Is there a way of doing it or is it just a glitch?

Twelve has extremely low defense as he morphs back into himself. Add to this the facts that Akuma’s taunt makes his next connected move do more damage and that the first hit of his KKZ hurts like a bitch. Voila, 1-hit kill.


thanx man:p

what about that part where Makato dash cancels her Saichusen Gondanzuki’s (multiple punch super) last hit? it’s impossible! she just stands there yelling the move until your opponent falls down, but apparently the movie shows her dash backwards and juggle Hugo in the corner. system direction I assume?

Watch the video again. Makoto’s opponent was Urien, not Hugo. Since she connected her Seichusen Godanzuki in the corner, she got pushed out… into an Aegis Reflector. That’s what allowed her to recover quickly enough to juggle Urien.

yeah, makoto got hit by the aegis. the only other conceivable way makoto can dash out is by system direction.