Akuma option selects?



Hey all,

I saw Lord’s post and video about option selects in the video thread (Great by the way) and started playing with them. However, it remains the weakest part of my game. I guess I just don’t think creatively enough with his moves to invent them on my own. I didn’t see a post or thread that had just a list of good selects, or something similar. What are ya’lls favorite option selects with Akuma? What are his most commonly used/effective ones? Does this thread already exist?

I could use any advice on this topic.


I was about to create a topic about Akuma’s option selects myself! I really need to know what option selects are good in general and which ones help a lot in certain matchups.

I guess the obvious option selects would be the DF Palm, cr.lp+lk option select, another would be DF throw OS- SRK. UltraDavid has an EXCELLENT thread about about Zangief’s option selects and explains in detail which ones are good for every matchup, I wish we had something similar for Akuma. Maybe this topic isn’t discussed much here because Akuma’s option selects aren’t that good/useful?


I did a thread on this hellla long ago…basically akuma’s option selects are all of ryu’s option selects + the ones with demon…(but those or more of reaction than true option selects)


There is at least one true OS with demon, but timing is tight. Dive kick with the medium kick into demon. If done correctly if the dive kick misses you get demo, and if it doesn’t you get nothing.


:slight_smile: option selects oh how I wish to know


Would you mind digging up a link to that dude?


There’s probably only a handful ones that I use…

OS Demon flip palm whiff --> SRK on abel
OS sweep after a j.HK if they expect an x-up tatsu and backdash out of it.
OS dp for headstomping bisons.
OS whiffed demon palm throw.


^demon palm throw isn’t a opselect the sweep one isn’t unless you are doing the cLP~cHK opselect demon flip palm whiff isn’t either considering the timing is so strict on that move and you would be better off with jHP/jHK opselects into dP also You want to do the tatsu opselect against bison since it dodges HS and hits ex crusher…


^the old thread


Excellent, thank you!


Bokkin in your OS thread wouldnt you want tatsu os instead of srk os on backdash?

What about OS techs? Like db. lk+lp, hk+lp? I mention this because Ken had a similar one but instead of hk it was f. mk. The step kick would come out on backdash and out you right back in. I think there was even a few with ex tatsu and srk.


with me I’ll use tatsu more then a shoryu because even if I wiff the tatsu I can Ashura Zennku outta for safety.


^against rufus any tatsu opselect gets raped by ex messaih each opslect has a purpose it literally isn’t about preference unless you are play a Bison…he really has a hard time on wake up against opselects…

and NU…tatsu opselects I neglected to mention basically because anything you can dP opselect just replce the dp mothin with qcb+k or choice…same input timing just different input for the whiff command…

again outside of demon all the opselecets you need to know are all the same as ryu… even for the same situation…and the 3 min tutorial by loltima can stand alone as it’s own thread…the rest should just go into the match-up thread for character specific opselects and situations…