Akuma Or Ken?



I have a problem here, where i do not know who to choose from Akuma or Ken? I’ve played a lot of Akuma, but he really lets me down at times because of his health and bad match-ups. Ken on the other hand is good but i can play inconsistantly at times. I find their combos relatively easy to use, but i can land Ken’s Ultra way more, their’s combos are flashy but i do not know which one to use. Plz help.


You’re asking Akuma players who you should play? :wink:

You’re going to have to figure it out for yourself. Akuma requires a lot more precise execution and risk-taking, whereas Ken is relatively a lot safer. You shouldn’t compare how flashy their moves are, damage values, health, or any of those stats. You should just play whoever you feel is “you”. Who seems the coolest to you? Who can you see yourself playing?

Have you played any of the other characters? Chun Li’s quick as hell and just as strong while Blanka can mix people up well and be pretty damn annoying.


It seems to me that the right question you should be asking, is: who is the winning character?

The general consensus would be Akuma. Ryu/Sagat > Ken.

However, Ken is an easy character compared to Akuma, who is a completely different style (Ken is pressure while Akuma is runaway).

Play Ken if you like him or want an easy to learn, decent character. Pick Akuma if you want to win.


Ken is easy? Akuma is a runaway? What are you on about?


pick akuma learn how to play with him
and knock everyone who cross your path
a lot of ppl only give up on akuma because his stamina
dont be the one of these because akuma is really really strong like i said
in the first it doesnt matter if you lose or win
every lost match is more experience to you
you will learn by loses what you should avoid against these char and what is really good against them


Wait, what?
You dont wanna play Akuma (who’s worst match-up is 5-5 iirc) because he has bad match-ups? But you wanna play Ken who has several 4-6 matchups?

Normally i would say dont let tiers/matchups determine who play but since that seems to be a big deal for you, i say definitely go Akuma. He has crazy options, no bad matchups, ridiculous damage output, nasty rushdown, and a mean runaway game.


Erm… what? Akuma can be probably one of the most aggressive chars in game. He has the best wakeup options, and playing passive doing shakunetsu chip damage all the time is totally scrubbish and useless. Akuma can play runaway too, while Ken doesn’t have a decent ranged game.
To the OP, pick Ken just if you like throws. For everything else, Akuma is just better.


Bad matchups? :rofl:


You forgot…Shorrrryyuukkennn!


I think kens sucks and can’t understand why all don’t switch to akuma.


if your new to the game i would start off with ken as he’s a bit easier to get the basics down with. that being said if your trying to make a lot of progression you will find that ken’s curse is very front weighted (going from scrub to intermediate with ken is fairly easy, but taking that next step is extremly difficult as ken doesn’t have nearly as many tools as akuma) and akuma’s curve is very back-weighted, where he is a bit tougher to make those first steps since his health is so miniscule and he has sooo many options it takes longer to figure out which to use when.


Wow… Haven’t posted here in a while.

Well, I’ll be like the others and really wonder why someone would bother posting such a loaded question on these particular boards? But, I guess the OP does want an answer…

The thing is (and this is only my opinion), the appeal of Ken is that he’s a much safer character than Akuma to play as. He has more health, he moves quicker, his moves like Shoryuken and Tatsumaki have more range and let’s not forget how flashy his moves are (everyone likes the fire shoryken and the long flowing blond hair).

Akuma however has a much more diversified portofolio of moves for both offense and defense while Ken is mostly an offensive character. But as such, he’s a difficult character to master. Add to that his low stamina which basically forces anyone who wants to play as Akuma to be damn near surgically precise in battle, and you can see why the Demon is shunned quickly by many players.

The worst mistake players do is pick Akuma because he’s a ***boss character ***so he must be insanely cheap and powerfull (I.E.: easy to win with). But sadly, Akuma is a mere ghost of what he was in Super Turbo or 3rd Strike. His Teleport got gimped. His ultra is basically useless as anything else than a punish because of the ridiculously long startup (you can basically hold up to jump away even when a few inches away from him when he starts his ultra). I just don’t understand some people when they say that picking Akuma is cheap because he’s an easy character. He’s not.

That said, there’s nothing that can compare to the feeling of losing a match badly, then baiting someone into making a mistake and landing your Ultra to even up a match or take the life lead, or better yet, win the match as more than half their life bar disapears to the Shun Goku Satsu. Nothing at all!

So take your pick. But if you pick Akuma, make sure you understand you won’t be winning many matches unless you can limit mistakes. You have to be patient and observant with Akuma. And your execution has to be very good - missed move = huge loss of health.

Anyways, that’s my 2 centavos… :china:


Akuma is a BAMF. Pick him.

Seriously, it’s all been said already. From the little I’ve seen/heard, Akuma does well in tournaments, and Ken does not. Mastering Akuma means you can achieve greater results. Yeah, bad stamina, but good damage output, and many attacking options and mix-ups.


so much disinformation in 1 post, akuma is faster and safer, he’s safer because he has a MUCH better escape tool than ken does, he walks faster and can cross full screen with demon flips. and while his FP and ex srk have more range they have odd hitboxes that can get you in trouble a lot. and while his tatsu’s travel farther they aren’t as usefull as akuma’s.

his ultra is far from useless considering how many things it counters clean (not counting all the things he can block and punish using the ultra) it’s more of a tool to frighten your enemy into not using their tools. i’m with you though on the idiots that see him dominate and think it’s easy… yeah ok it’s soooo easy to keep control of 70% of the screen and deny all that space to your opponent :rolleyes:

this apply’s exactly to ken in high level play considering you have to be in your opponents face the entire time. especially against heavy turtle’s there are a number where you REALLY don’t want to go down on life and have to try to break through their zone as it’s a severe disadvantage to ken, and as such once your in you need to not make a mistake and let someone slip away from you to reset their zone.


Can’t count the number of times I’ve been in horrible online player matches with their flowchart tactics, only still playing them to see if it can be played around under the connection. As they rotate across the cast and use some pattern crap with each character; then move over to Akuma to “show me how it’s done” or something.

I’m eternally grateful for even that one match sometimes where I can humiliate them in return with a walk over in the Akuma mirror.

Case point: Akuma is not that type of character. He’s not a guy on the wheel where you use the infamous full screen turtle tactic as your flowchart pattern and see it work on anyone with any sense for the game. There’s no easy win with Akuma.

Ken is very easy to get going with, an autopilot players dream. When it comes to becoming and experienced competitive player, Ken reaches his peak and his limitations appear quite early, where Akuma’s never do. Akuma has tough matches, but because of all his options there’s always a potenial way around everything if you play it well.

What someone already said in this topic about them being opposites at the different levels is correct I think. Akuma is a late bloomer. If your aspirations are low and you want a smooth sailing, go with Ken. If you want to eventually become an advanced or tournament level player then go with Akuma; be patient, take your beatings, learn as much as you can from the experience (online? good luck!) and you’ll start to become a powerful force if you put the work in.

Unlike Ken, Akuma never runs out of options or hits brick walls.


I was more meaning that if Ken makes a mistake, it’s not as costly as if Akuma makes a mistake. And call me kooky, I’ve seen the frame data on both characters, and I find Ken just plays a faster game than Akuma.

Which is why I mentioned how the Ultra is a great punish tool, but as a basic super move, it’s pretty useless. Play Third Strike and try jumping out if Akuma gets his SGS move out before you can make an input. Heck, this is a actually a complaint for most character’s Ultra moves. I think SFIV is much too lenient in allowing an opponent escape them.

You could then say this would apply to ANY character in SFIV, but for characters like Akuma or Seth who have very low health, this problem is much more serious.

On the whole, I agree with everything you said. I didn’t mean to paint Akuma as a garbage character, but more as one that requires plenty of patience and skill to master.


Well I think one thread would’ve been enough?


on second thought, pick ken. that way we wont have any more stupid fucking threads in the akuma forum. have a nice day.


hey screw you buddy, the ken forums have been at critical mass for stupid posts/threads for a while… the problem is just starting to go into remission.


By Listening to everyone’s opinion, i have decided to go with Akuma, i think the reward in advancing akuma rather than ken is more siginifanct. It seems i can never walk away from akuma, i always end up picking him.

When it comes to options Akuma has more and is probably more varied.
it seems to me that Ken is like a cannonball,very aggressive and offensive, but at the same time that is pretty much all he can do, don’t get me wrong Ken is still good in mix-ups and alright in defending, but overall Akuma is better suited for my style. I feel that once i can’t get in with Ken then there’s is pretty much nothing i can do. on the other hand akuma has demon flips, air fireballs and not to metion shakanetsu fireball(red fireball) which does a good amount of chip damage, Akuma seems to get his way at times because if the opponent is defending then akuma can do that, but at the same time he can dictate the pace of the game. Ed Ma made a switch from Ken to Akuma and it may not seem to be a big deal for a lot of players but considering how a lot of pro’s stick to one character, Ed Ma must of had a good reason for picking Akuma over Ken.

Akuma does let me down but i know why, i tend to be OVER-AGGRESSIVE i should sit back and wait a bit, akuma is good at picking his spots, yes smooth execution does come into play, and that is pretty easy for me now since i don’t feel like im a beginner.

MATCH-UPS - AKUMA>KEN. I made an error on the first post in sayign akuma has bad match-ups, sorry!

Akuma is the better of the two but has a steeper learning curve i think that is what i was scared of but now im going to stick with akuma.