Akuma pic request

I’m not necessarily asking for an avatar or whatever the main function for this forum is but rather just a specific picture of akuma. I need a pic of the familiar last frame of the raging demon where Akuma stands over his opponent with his back turned and the giant symbol shows up in the background.

I already tried looking in google looking up akuma, shun goku satsu, and raging demon (which gave me some things i didnt want to see). The only one that I found looked kind of bad. In particular, I want one that actually has a bigger picture of Akuma but still has the symbol in the background. I suppose it could be custom made but I still dont have good source akuma pics to use.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Oh, and seeing how format and size etc seems to be important, The size isn’t really much of an issue as much as it is the shape. It needs to be standard 8X11 type i.e. a rectangle.


Anyways, if someone can’t find a good post raging demon picture than I am looking for the picture of akuma in the intro to Street Fighter Alpha 2 with his back to the screen and the fire in the background and the symbol on his back glowing.

edit:sorry, I thoguht all you typed was your signature.

Hmmm, not even that site has it really. Although, it did have many many more pictures that I thought. To narrow it down, is there really no big and clear picture of Akuma’s back turned and the symbol on his back glowing?


Is that good enough? I did it really shitty…one of those spazzing on screenshot buttons…

Its suppose to be like wavyness going out, but it just looks like its going back and forth… ya know?

Hmmm, that looks really nice. Although, I was actually just looking for one picture o_O. I think I got enough pics from that site and I’ll include this. Thanks.