Akuma player in need of blanka experience



Hey Blanka players, I’m in need of blanka experience badly. I usually do good against regular blankas but at high level play I just don’t know how to handle them…Any of you guy wanna spar on live preferably? I main Akuma. Ryu and Guile as Alts. Thanks guys :xeye:



For some reason unknown to me Akuma is by far my easiest matchup. Very few Akumas can beat me. You have to be very controlled and patient.

Hit me up on PSN and have some practice.

Just had to be a Akuma player that I was fighting when my fierce button went out. Lol, stupid connector fell off it.


Alright man will do, :tup:

But yeah, A lot of akuma’s options are diminished with blanka. The only advantage akuma has is his ultra after blocked ball and close slide but good blanka players know this…I get raped by high level blankas.


ill play a few on xbox. Im west coast