Akuma Players have been spoiled

Ok, as we all know Akuma got some nerfs in the next patch coming out. As an akuma player I think that everyone here is seriously spoiled beyond belief if they are going to be dropping Akuma as a main just because of these nerfs.

Let me just say if it isnt clear to most, Akuma has fucking godlike normals, good frame traps, a 3 frame reversal and arguably the best zoning in the game. Just because two aspects of the vortex got nerfed does not mean that Akuma will suddenly loose his ability to dominate. If you havent already heard of infiltration I suggest you go watch some videos of him. Infiltration is in my mind one of the top 3 akumas in the world. This guy’s vortex is weak compared to other top level akumas, he wins with a knockdown from footsies and can solidly apply pressure and win games/tournaments without the vortex. Seriously I dont think that most akumas realize, if the twins were not in SSF4:AE, Akuma would fucking run that game. I realize that it is fun to play a character that is top tier but I would rather have a balanced, fair game where some characters stand out minorly in the balance than a game that has 1 character fucking dominating everybody aka Stupid ass Yun in this game. I know im as happy as everyone else that the twins are finished in SF4(assuming no more changes occur). So Im looking forward to this new version where way more characters are going to be played in tournaments and I think Akuma will be fine.

First of all, thread is unnecessary. Second of all, you’re an idiot. “Godlike normals” are not godlike when you have 850 health. Why don’t people understand that?

Most Akuma players probably just let out a massive yaaaawwwwwnnnnnn when they saw this.

" …than a game that has 1 character fucking dominating everybody aka Stupid ass Yun in this game"

You have a mindset like that, no one will ever take you seriously. Especially on here.

Fireball hurrr durrr into demon flip hurr

Thank you for enlightening us, we were clearly drunk with power since Akuma didn’t have any matchup that’s not at least 7-3 or 8-2 in his favor.