Akuma players need to stop looking at U2 as worthless



This is something I am actually finding disturbing about many Akuma players here is how they keep passing U2 off as “worthless” or “terrible”. Personally I think this is a mentality that has to stop because by labeling it as trash you are only doing yourself a disservice.

Now back in Super U2 was clearly an ultra that was hard to use and frequently whiffed. I also looked ridiculous, a fact that I even made fun of


Yet even in Super it wasn’t completely useless. It still had applications in match ups such as the Balrog and Rufus match up, but clearly back in Super U1 was the better Ultra for most of the match ups.

In AE this all changed when they actually fixed the ultra out of teleport. This change didn’t seem big at the time, but I am finding it is a change that has fixed the viability of this ultra. There are many more applications and in many match ups I feel that U2 surpases U1 in usefulness. Against Balrog, Rufus, Ibuki, Viper, Cody, Akuma, Yang, and Honda match ups U2 is as good or better than U1. It many matches can be used as a devastating option select that can quickly end a round. Against Viper is actually stops some of her BS dead.

And this isn’t me theory fighting either. This is actually through match up experience. If you sleep on U2 you are only hurting yourself. It is time for Akuma players to stop just viewing this ultra as trash and start viewing it as a legit option.

PS the 2012 damage buff while does not justify the other nerfs, it is decent. Now s.HP > FADC > s.HP > U2 does as much as a raw U2.

Akuma FAQs: Quick questions & answers!


Also, I’ll add an execution shortcut I wrote in the execution thread to make it easier for people to combo into U2 and make it more realistic for people to land it in a match.


Are you sure it works like that? Becuase I don’t really think it will add +21 damage on every level of scaling, they only said that from a teleport (80 % scaling, 3rd hit) it will deal +21 damage. I expect that added damage to scale even more.

And it’d be a horrible buff even if it didn’t scale, it’s not “decent”: you’re already dealing raw 400 damage, 400 or 421 doesn’t matter when it’s a Ultra you use in like 1/4 of the matchups.

Frankly I don’t see the point of the thread, it was already a given in these boards that in certain matchups it was a viable alternative.


No experienced Akuma player felt U2 was worthless.


Noone really thought it was useless, it just depends on the player, U1 can be a useful ultra and so can U2, its very player and match-up specific,
I prefer U1 myself but there are definitely times I have switched to U2.
IMO the best thing about U2 is not the damage or the combo into it, is it the fact that your opponent must respect that you have it, they can’t do stupid OS to chace teleports because you can U2 them, even if you don’t land the U2, it might just mean you are getting free teleports instead which is very, very useful.


Definitely a viable ultra in specific matchups. Im more partial to u1 since you can cancel normals with it. Which is especially useful against characters with good focus attacks.


A lot of the value I’ve found in Akuma’s ultras hasn’t even been the damage they do or the option they give, but more so the options they take away from your knowing opponent making pressure safe.

I use U1 a lot against chun players due to being able to focus their sweeps while they can’t do the same to me. After a round or two they stop focusing entirely and I get free sweep pressure.

U2 shuts down a lot of rushdown and escape. Honda’s have gotta hate headbutting to escape the corner only to get followed and u2’ed.


Next nerf: Akuma can’t cancel his teleports into U2.


You should break down it’s uses vs the characters you mentioned. For example, I’d like to know why it’s good vs Yang and Honda.

Break em’ all down when you have time.


I actually never hated or thought about U2 as useless xD I think it’s even somehow cool looking, though I would want to see his KKZ in SF4 style, but well, you can’t have everything.
Anyway, Akuma’s ultra’s (both of them) are the two most unique ultras in the game imho, both implamantation and input wise, they are one of those things that make him stand out amongst the others, which I find highly satisfaying xD


Well, to be honest, I just don’t think U2 is as versatile as U1. I mean, for every match where U2 is “preferred”, U1 is also viable. I’ll admit though, I like picking the Armaggedon when playing the mirror match and catch some fool trying to punish my teleport with U1. :smiley:


Did you mean s.HP >FB FADC ??


he meant s.HP hadoken fadc s.HP ultra


The shortcut to Ultra 2


See? This is what happens when you have 2 USEFULL Ultras! turns away from DeeJay


Backwards Teleports seems to cancel earlier than towards, checking the cancel windows on PC AE the backward teleports can be cancelled into “Ultra 2” 1 frame earlier.


U2 has saved my brown ass more times than I can count against Balrog, Dan and in the mirror. Also prevents Cammy and Ibuki from chasing me when I teleport, unless they know to hit me during teleport recovery where I can’t cancel into U2 …


I’m an ardent user of Ultra 2 with Akuma. I think it’s main selling point to me is the surprise factor; but also the implied insult.
Most other players consider Ultra 2 to be a considerably worse choice than SSGS and to beat them with the U2 feels great!

Here’s something to consider: I’ve found that whenever I absorb an attack with FA and execute the hit (rather than DCing) and dash toward the opponent, their reaction is to throw or just punish. So as a Round 2 or 3 surprise (if I’ve flagged the habit) I’ll dash forward into a retreating teleport.
If I see the grab/shoryu thrown then I get a free Ultra and so can you.


Baiting reversals is cool, but throws have 20 frame of recovery.

By the time you actually get to see the whiff animation, the startup on Armageddon (14) is not going to make it in time.


I’ll admit I didn’t think much of U2 at first but after they allowed you to teleport cancel into it I realised the potential. I tend to use it playing against reversal characters and it certainly acts as an ace when in a tight spot. The amount of times I’ve baited a punish from a teleport only to U2 them in the face is just silly.