Akuma players on PSN

Any Akuma mains on PSN? after ssf4 came out I don’t fight them anymore. So if there are any of you still out there, lets all play together some time. Maybe we can also get a Akuma chat going on PSN for only Akuma mains.

I was thinking of making a chat room similar to Team Sakura, where we will log onto the chat whenever we play ssf4 so we can always have people in there. We can have a 8 man lobby with all Akuma’s, and we can discuss about Akuma things and matchups or w/e you like.

So if you’re interested post your psn so I can friend and add you to the chat, and if you know any other Akuma mains your welcome to send them an invite.

I would but seeing as you are in toronto and im in arizona… the connection would be worse that being anal raped by a sun rotted wooden broom stick.

i’d play you as well, but i’m in atlanta, georgia.

hey, I play Akuma on PSN. I’m pretty average though. I’m also located in Toronto.

add me on psn: faizo

kk, I’ll add you soon esaka.

I’ve played you before ( i sucked baddddd lol) I’d play you again but unfortunately my schools internet connection is really bad for trying to play this game online.

We played the other night but I didn’t feel like doin any mirrors at the time, was why I just played Ibuki and ryu iirc, but I’m down for this.

add me: TheStrangla

hey, re-add me if you can
i havent been on these past few weeks but i’m picking up the game again
had to take a break before i died from frustration of playing online against turbo players lol

You guys can add me up im dropping the Guy Dictator rotation ive got now and going back to the old Akuma/Balrog i was running in day 1 super.

me if u want to win easily
i suck

I don’t play online much but if you get a chat going I’d love to be a part of it. I would consider myself an above average akuma. Not GDLK yet… Add me up.

i main akuma on psn add me. my tag is ragingdemon16

im down
PSN: D-Proto

add me too

psn :gambino47

Gouki army assemble

I play Akuma online. Psn is Yoshitsune468, I suck though.
If you’re going to add me, put “from the akuma forums” or something like that in the subject.

add me, im really trying to learn him

PSN hikodavid

psn domihy

i play anyone for fun add me


I’ve played you once or twice and lost - lol. I’m ok overall but nowhere near where I want to be so I’ll have to ‘table’ this for now, saving myself the embarrassment of losing. Ugh. :slight_smile:

psn: sanchog1. Dont mind losing, looking to learn techniques and new tricks, to make me a better player. I live in NY. I also have a mic.