Akuma Pokes



What on earth do you use to poke with Akuma. It seems s.HK is all he’s got and that’s in no way a great poke. s.HP doesn’t seem exactly great either. I hear people use s.MP but it’s range is soooo small. Does it have some super priority or somethin? Or is just what he’s stuck with? What the hell does he do when he’s getting out-poked all day?


Cr. forward
cr. strong
st. strong
far st. fierce(beats Vega claw dive)
cr./st. short/jab


i dont know what the hell getting poked is but here’s a few tips for your oponents:

f,d,f,-hk or lk then press HP (air grab) / f,d,f-HP (upercut) (time it well and it will come together)

jump with a HK, as soon as the hit enters do an air supper
d,df,f,d,df,f- HP level 3 (time it well and he will do this really quick and you will never touch the ground) in any grove

jump with a mp, then do an air fire ball it will work just like the super

when someone jumps at you jump up do a HK, then do an air fire ball it is cancleable in any groove

do a supper uppercut (f,d,df,f,d,df,-MP / then cancel it and press f,d,df,-LK then grab him with a HP / then do an uppercut when akuma is about to let him go from the grab…

jump with a LK, do a super air fireball with MP, then cancel it with a huricane kick (LK), do another huricane kick when you get on the ground (LK), do a level 1 fireball

well i can go on forever …


How about just doing Hadoken? I heard that works pretty well too…




i use cr.lp , cr.lk , cr.mk to poke i really don’t like the shotos pokeing game