Akuma Q&A Stream



Hey all,

I wanted to check to see if people would be interested in this idea. I have some stream equipment set up and working. I was wondering if people were interested in a type of session where people would ask questions and I could answer them in game using the stream.

Of course I would be taking the time to do this so I only want to do it if people actually would show up and ask questions.


Stream channel is

The first stream is this Tuesday at 8 PM CST (6 PST, 9 EST)


what kind of questions ? Is this a one shot or a recurrent event.


As far as questions, anything I can answer using the stream.

If people keep showing up I would keep doing it.


A fine idea.

I feel it would work doubly well if you had someone to join you locally so you could demonstrate more subtle nuances such as wakeup stuffers, option selects and situational setups. Recording dummies to recreate these situations can be tedious and fickle, whereas a buddy assisting (in say performing Balrog’s wakeup options) helps immensely.

A great idea, here’s hoping it generates interest.


I would be interested in this.

I loved your early tutorials! You haven’t done any in quite some time now, it would be great if you could do a ‘setup’ tutorial when v2013 drops (I am assuming they’ll change a bunch of stuff so no point just yet)


The channel will be

I have the equipment already set up to do this so I’ll be posting more when I plan on doing it.


I like the idea. I would participate and ask questions.


Ok my first stream I am planning on doing at 9 PM EST (6 PM PST) on Saturday the 18th.


Scratch that East Coast throwdown is on that day.


Ok so I am aiming for Tuesday at 8 PM CST.


Stream is live


I can’t believe noone showed up. I would if it wasn’t at 1am for me.
Well at least you got the streaming stuff all setup now. Maybe the next session could cover rumors VS facts about Akuma’s game. This only need 2 or 3 people to debate and list most of the setups, and people will still enjoy the replay later.