akuma q&a

I have a few questions that have little to do with eachother.

  1. I recently heard akuma’s taunt can help him resist stun better, although I always thought it just increased damage. this true?

  2. I’ve been trying to get down fp > lk hk > fp but my second fierce often misses. It seems like if you start the combo slightly spaced I can get the second fierce a lot easier. Does this sound right or am I just getting better at the timing?

  1. true - but hardly noticeable
  2. Not sure what you mean. If its Fiece, ligh hurricane, then another Fierce to reset - you just have to learn the timing for it. I personally find the timing difficult so I don’t use it in my game a lot. Maybe next time I’m in training mode I might mess around with it.

as you can see, it does great stun damage. might be worth trying more often against characters with low stun bar like remy.

Ah the infamous super turbo rape fucked video :lol:

Though I’m fairly sure the stun isn’t that much more than normal BnB. It just looks that way because you can hit the opponent quicker after the HP i.e. they’ve had less time for the stun gauge to go down before you try hitting again.

If you’re looking to stun people, abuse his axe kick whenever you can. Crazy stun damage on that. And of course linking mp dragon after mk hurricane during a combo does a lot of stun. One of my typical ‘flowcharts’ for stunning Remy is divekick, axe kick (assume they hit) then go for divekick, HP, mk hurricane, HK hurricane and possible stun juggles afterwards. Very very evil.

so you’re sayin to go for mk hurricane and juggle with hk hurricane???
timing must be hella strict on that.:looney:

Yep - only works on xbox and arcade version. Not on ps2 version :lame:

The timing I think is exactly the same as for when you link an mp dragon after mk hurricane (which works on all three versions)

Yes, it is.

Like HarmoNaz said, you can actually juggle from the mk hurricane kick to a mp shoryu (on every character I’m pretty sure), but you can ALSO get even a hp shoryu on certain characters. Necro, Q, Makoto, Elena, Chun-Li, and (i think) Akuma.

I think this is false. I play on xbox at home but I remember doing it on the ps2 a lot.

any idea why mp srk works after mk hk but not hp srk?

Some characters fall too fast or don’t have the right kind of body type for the hp shoryu to connect. The mp shoryu is faster and just easier to connect with every character.

However, like I said in my last post, the mk hurricane, hp shoryu does work on certain characters: Makoto, Q, Chun, Necro, Elena and (I think) Akuma.

i always thought fp srk had the fastest startup time or something like that. anyways, i’ll believe you, and hopefully be able to catch them with some mp srk’s, especially those twins :annoy:

It has better priority than the mp shoryu for wakeups and stuff, but (and I’m not 100% positive on this either) I think mp has a faster start-up time. I’m not an Akuma expert but I know a lot of his 1337 combos.

No, your mistaken. Fierce shoryuken is his fastest super with only 1 startup frame. Another move that is fast and packs a wallop is the Axe Kick (HK).

I am 110% sure you cannot link HK hurricane after MK hurricane on ps2. I’ve tried with rapid fire and it didn’t work.

Linking mp dragon after mk hurricane doesn’t work on certain characters like Hugo, Ibuki and Oro.

Linking HP dragon after mk hurricane - are you sure that works on Chun, Makoto, Necro and Elena? I know it works on Alex and Q, but I’ve never seen it done on the others. I will definitely have to check that.

Wrong, it does work. it’s one of my favorite combo(brings the opponent to the corner really fast). Hella useful and you got the hk demon flip mixup after it. but, depending on the opponent’s character, you might need to kara it with crouch mk/hk or towards mp(yun, yang…).
mk tatsu, mp dragon doesn’t work on some chars like yun and yang, except on the corner.
mk tatsu, hp dragon works on elena(weird timing), chun, makoto, alex and Q; necro i’m not sure about.

mp dragon has a slower startup than hp dragon, but has a way bigger hitbox, that’s why it hits.

It must be the versions of 3s I’m playing in that case, because I have NEVER linked the medium and roundhouse hurricanes on that version. I do it on arcade and xbox all the time, but I’ve given up trying on ps2.

Not sure about console, but I swear I’ve landed mp dragon after mk hurricane on twins mid screen.

the mp dragon does work on yun and yang midscreen… and I know for a fact that it works on Necro.

I checked this recently, and Ibuki and Oro are true… but you can definitely do it on Hugo. I do it on him all the time.

Yes, I’m positive. I do it all the time. At least at the arcade and on the xbox. I’m not sure how screwy ps2 will make it.

Maybe I should make a video.

I tried a few things out yesterday.

medium hurricane followups - Fierce dragon did indeed work on Chun, Makoto, Necro and Elena - and this was on ps2

Roundhouse hurricane did not work though. Whatever ps2 versions have found their way to UK I’m not sure about, but I can’t do this link on any ones that I have played.

Medium dragon followup works on Hugo?? I definitely need to try that as it would improve my chances against him.

I can do HK hurricane after MK hurricane on mine too. Maybe you have the weird version Naz.

PS2 version is a lil’ faster(hella annoying for walk up demons).

I can only land mp shoryu if i’m really close, and not landing a jump in. I can only manage to get a kara hk tatsu after a combo starting with a jump in. are you sure it always works?

To guarantee that mk hurricane, mp shoryu / hk hurricane combos on the twins, you gotta be up close to them.

So use cr. mk before the hurricane (moves Akuma forward a lot, obviously) and the combo will be easier to connect.
Even after a jump in (99% positive, but also depends on character position).

And mk hurricane, hk hurricane combo for sure works on PS2 version (100% sure).