Akuma Q and A

I might just be blind. But it seems like there’s no general newbie Q and A in the Akuma section…

So I thought I might start one since I have a pretty newbish question I need to ask…

So, we all know a well timed super/ultra is awesome anti air (actually, It’s pretty easy to do for me) except. Occasionally one of my jabs hits the opponent and the following super/ultra misses…

Is there a trick to not making the jabs come out (something strange with releases maybe and another attack?)

or a certain point in the jump to start the execution so the jabs won’t connect?

edit: Onemanarmanda’s Question (regarding RD)

Gamogo’s Question (Regarding RD)

candiasis’s Question:
(Mk -> buffer Shoryu viable?)

in order of personal preference:
1.cr.mk buffer demon (lowers hitbox avoiding most jump-ins)
2.cr.lk buffer demon (keeps ur jabs lower if you are waiting for someone to come down from srk)
3.f+mp kara demon(you will prolly get by a jump in if u try this as AA haha)
4.dash back buffer demon

I like the idea of this thread.

Just in case you don’t already know, you can press lk,b,hp at the same time after pressing lp,lp. That has helped med prevent those pesky light punches.

Learning to Kara demon is mandatory if you intend to be any half-decent with Gouki. Most stuff can’t be punished with RD if you don’t disguise the inputs, as the jabs will put the opponent in an unthrowable state.

Personally, with the big start up, f+MP is the best normal to kara from. However, for AA purposes, c.MK is the only way to go, I believe.

I’ll explain how to buffer said demons 'cos I have a hunch you’re not quite sure how. I’ll only mention the, in my eyes, most important: c.MK and f+MP demon.

  1. c.MK + LP
  2. (c.MK+) LP You only have to hit the LP, but you might as well do the first segment over again because that way you don’t have to think about your inputs as much.
  3. Back + LK + HP

This one is best to do when someone does a jump in on you. c.MK makes you duck hopefully making your opponent whiff his jump in whereafter you demon in his face.

  1. F + LP + MP
  2. (F +) LP (+MP) Same as before.
  3. B + LK + HP

This one is well suited for any other situation.

Edit: [media=youtube]Sc53ZK7EIlE&feature=channel_page[/media] of Shoryu using the c.MK demon.

use cHK to bait focus and punish with rd it does 700 dmg because of the grey bar.

This is garabage. I’m sorry to be so blunt, but it’s annoying when people post things like this, which give others the illusion that the complex technique of Kara Demoning is essential to any good Akuma’s game. It’s not.

Most things which can be punished with the Demon (without being interupted by the jabs) can be without it being Kara’d simply because you can buffer the jab input during block/hit stun. Anything else e.g. Blanka’s Ultra, HP.Dragon Punches give you enough time to do the jabs without hitting them.

Needed to be said.

cr.MK Kara demon is the best for AA because it makes your hitbox smaller than any of the others and you only stand up into invincibility frames.

So when inputting the demon just hit Down+MK+LP, Down+LP, Down Back+LK+HP

When Demoning whiffed SRKs the best one to use is Forward+MP+LP, LP, Back+LK+HP because that has no hitbox for a good few frames of animation so if you do it quick enough you will not jab reset the falling Ryu/Ken/Sagat whoever.

How convenient, I just made this video XD


Wow. That’s such an eye opener for me. I had no idea that was the way you could kara demons. If only I knew that when I made my post. Guess that renders my post obsolete. Live and learn.

Wow. Thanks.

Yeah, I know how to buffer moves, but It’s a good idea to tell people how as well. In case someone else wants to know the answer to these questions.

As well, I’ll try to update the first post with other questions asked whenever I remember to check the thread… (But I’m warning you now, I’m pretty unreliable with this kinda stuff…)

Yeah, you’re right, buffering in blockstun is a possibility, so I take back what I said.

In my case, tho, karaing is easier on things that don’t have big blockstun, such as most normals. I can buffer against blocked ultras, but I’m not so lucky doing it against Guile’s sweep, Fei long’s roundhouse, Dictator’s sweep, etc.

Today I did HP. RedFireball -> EX cancel -> F+mp kara Ultra, for the first time in a match. The guy rage quit right before the last hit. I hate online.

lol wtf???

He kept doing neutral jump roundhouse over my fireballs, and I couldnt ex palm strike him, so I did red fb, ex cancel, kara ultra. He jumped my fb, and got caught with the sgs.(I think he could have srk’ed me tho, but didnt)

I have seen guys do that set up with st.HK kara demon(gives the demon more range than F+mp), but I cant do the Tsujinrai demon to save my life.

hey so the easiest way to do c.mk kara demons is by going :
[hold down direction-c.mk+c.lp, c.mk+c.lp-], lk+(b/f)+hp (and you can even mis-spam a lp or mk in that last part too)?
(1 motion)(2 motion)(3 motion)

okay I was in the same place is you with the tsuji demon fatal, I couldn’t do it at all until someone showed me. What you do is index finger on lp ring finger on hk double tap both the quickly back, thumb on lk and ring finger up to hp. It’s really easy with a little practice.

not going to lie…I’ve just picked up Akuma as an alt…getting decent at his bnbs…but somehow can’t get the RD out without that first jab hitting them in the face and allowing them to jump out…

this thread has been helpful…it’s the question you want to ask but are afraid to get ridiculed about.

c.MK is really the god buffer for Raging Demon, straight up. I’d say buffering demon in s.HK(f) and c.HK are pretty good for focus-heavy opponents as well.

Whats the perk in the EX-Triple fireball? I mean the normal one wins-and-goes through any projectile, So whats the point of the EX-version? It does not seem to do any more damge or be faster.