Akuma/Rogue 120 Damage Combo

Yea I found this and thought someone might find use for it.

Start off with Rogue (which helps since her mix up will give you a opportunity to actually land this)

Dive Kick, s. lk, s. mk, dash punches xxx kiss super

while she’s kissing them in the air DHC into akuma’s gou hadou super, he’ll recover fast enough so he can launch the opponent on the way down into a hurricane kick combo. The tricky part is that you’ll most likely have to jump straight up (neutral) and do the hurricane kicks. The reason this is tricky is that you’ll most likely do the air hurricane kicks going the wrong way and only one of the kicks will hit. Here’s how I make sure I get the hurricane kicks with foward momentum so it hits correctly: Launch (Hold up) When I get to the correct height I go from up to back counter clockwise. (Holding up, go to foward then down to back + kick) Basically what this does is that it puts in the foward so it will have foward momentum and it inputs the hurricane kick command immediately aftwerwards.

You should get around 120 - 127 damage and if you are feeling lucky or have a better way of land the HK combo you can probably tack on the air fireball super for a 143 damage 3 meter combo.

cool combo.

now try to find a way to combo akuma/rouge with a good 3rd character to make it a top tier team.:smile:

( this isn’t a joke btw)

also post up some vids of that shit.

I like to use Akuma Ironman Rouge cause you can c.lk c.mk. + Rouge assist launcher jump lp. hurricane kick into tenma dhc Ironman. Rouges also for Ironmans infinite and I have Akuma set for antiair assist for invincibility and so it wont get stomped out easily.

is akuma really a good character to have as an AAA for top tier teams…ive used storm/cable or tron/akumaAAA i think it might be the same as cammy invincible AAA, lower then usual stamina, quick dash, and powerful combos and attack with his hurricane kick AC, n e thoughts?

Everything u mentioned was right but in long run commando’s assist is best punisher if Akuma’s antiair isn’t successful cause he dies faster as an assist than he does on point. On point if u don’t get hit by Mags or other gods u can do damage with following teams. Ironman Akuma Psylocke Akuma Ironman Rouge Akuma Cable Rouge I think these are Akuma’s best teams. Ironmans set for antiair assist for Akuma’s c.lk + Ironman assist c.mk fierce gou haduken launcher jump lp. hurricane hits twice into tenma dhc into Ironman. I use Akuma’s hurricane assist for Ironman infinite Cable antiair is for after successful hit to wave dash towards thier point character and set up Akuma’s glitch. Another good strat is to teleport then rouge assist for unblockable mixup most notably after u destroyed one of thier fighters doesn’t work on Storm as well.

well ive started using akuma againonce i found his AAA is invincible as well… i dont jus call him out randomly ill use him to get people off me and once it connect ill go in hailstorm which if a sentinel or BH get caught up der chacne are there comin down with a lot less life then wen they went up. i use him when i want to get the other guy off me or reach a high flying sentinel or w/e. i dont use him much wen im on the attack except mayb call him and with the first hit ill jump up with cable and AHVBx3 or if im gettin the other guy off me wit cable ill cover him on the way down wit grenades,bullets and VB… ive never played IM serioulsy but im messin around wit him a lil and i dont think ill ever get that infinite of his but im startin to like storm/cable or tron/AAA (mostly akuma or cyclops)… it actually works pretty nice depending on how much you can do wit storm
i use torun with akuma/cable/juggy when i was brand new t the game… but ive found akuma at the back with his AAA is good cuz i can play him pretty nice on point.

I’ve found sentinel akuma cable to be a great team for akuma maybe the best cause sent can do damage without levels as he builds it akuma has safe dhc into messatsu gou hado super for sent as a backup then man focus for akuma is doing launcher into glitch or dash drones air grab into launcher into glitch dhc cable for dhc of death type of damage and cable as last fighter.

that team sounds like its got some big damage potential… damn capcom has gotta find a way to even akuma out i mean huge damge disher but cant take it worth a crap… a damage dealing akuma with atleast ryus stamina should bump akuma up a tier or two… ive put akuma on some teams


its jus an errand itself trying to keep him alive while actually being effective doin something with him

I agree about him having ryu stamina or something.

Cool teams you use, if ryu had better stamina I would use him instead. I won’t give up on akuma cable rouge or sent akuma cable when playing best msp or ssc players. If we can beat them consistently then might reach akuma’s perfection. Way to do this must be to be effective while not getting hit unless its chip damage.

Let me correct myself if ryu had faster launcher and air combo glitch I would use him instead.

Hm, i like the combo thats posted up above…i think i might finish everything out with either Sentinel or Iron Man… Thanks for the combo btw

It would be nice if akuma’s dive kick hit like an overhead on every hit then u could do glitch combo or ground combo into super. That would help when going on offense. It would be most difficult overhead to block.

Is there something I don’t know about Akuma’s qcf+K in the air? :amazed: