Akuma Roll Call for CEO!



Haven’t been to as many majors this year as I would’ve liked, but I’m definitely headed for CEO.

Anyone else going? :slight_smile:


Aye. I live there so u’ll see me. Id be the one with the Akuma beads. lol hope to see u there. Gonna be there at 10 in the morning Friday


Made it out of losers in pool 5. Wish me luck tmrw… gonna need it. This tourney is stacked!!!

Nice meeting you Hadou. Let’s get some matches in.


Kineda do you have any idea who youre playing tomorrow


I believe I’m playing FGA MONO who uses Bison. PR Balrog and Neokarsh tell me he’s the best player in Puerto Rico right now.


Oh ok I watched on stream last night against some Vega player. You got this son!


I won against him 2-0. I have to fight dieminion to get into top 16. Damn I hate that guile matchup. Especially turtle guiles. Thanks for the support Nu-Skoool!


Commentary called it man, too many pointless jumpback zanku’s, putting yourself in the corner for no reason.



Dieminion seems to think its 7-3 and I guess when guiles cornered Akuma not only has an unblockabke off f.throw dash, s.mp, j.mk but f.throw cr.forward, dash, j.rh aswell. I never knew that.


Great stuff Kineda :slight_smile: I was pretty stoked watching your matches on the stream (I saw several of your matches - I think all of the ones that were streamed but not certain). Really liked a lot of the pressure you put on. Saw some tournament nerves of course (but not a single player was immune to major tournament nerve issues it seemed, even more than usual haha), but it seemed like you were able to make a lot of your opponents crack much more than you did yourself. Really gnarly to get place so high at such a big and competitive event. :slight_smile: Congrats. (BTW, I’m going to Evo, hopefully we can say hello/get in some games!).

It was an awesome surprise to see that Bronx Puerto Rock guy’s Akuma. A couple of people told me about him a ways back, and one guy in particular was adamant that he was/is like untouchable with Akuma. I took it with a grain of salt, but I had no idea he still played or goes to tournaments or anything. He showed some flashes of brilliance, and it was a shame that the matches I saw him lose seemed to be largely due to execution errors/nerves. He still placed very well… good stuff…

What was up with Momochi playing Akuma at the beginning of the tourney and then never going back? Any insight, Kineda?


It’s definitely a bad matchup for guile but unfortunately I haven’t played any high level guiles to learn it. Lamerboi retired after Evo 2010, so NorCal is lacking any kind of good guile to practice with.

Instead of sticking to a slow and steady solid ground game to push him to the corner, I went for random tactics which clearly failed. I lost to two guiles (one put me in losers but I beat him on the runback) this tourney so it’s clearly time to learn this matchup before Evo.


In my simplistic view, Akuma has three things going for him in the Guile match:

  1. He wins the fireball war (Shakunetsu)
  2. He’s a cheapass runaway bastard (admittedly hard to put into practice against Guile and esp. Dieminion)
  3. Vortex/flip jump-ins.

I saw some attempts at footsies and random demonsplus a monotonic fireball schedule consisting mostly of zankus. The match shouldn’t be anything super complicated in the end, and when you’re on point you definitely have the cheap runaway bastard stuff in order. I guess just prep on the ground fireball game and try to create an opening to land the knockdown. And above everything else: Resist the temptation for plan B. Not only does it result in random demon attempts but your overall game seems to suffer from it too from what I’ve seen at TNT and the like.


ggs man. I’ll help u learn Akuma more vs matchups. I just dont got my prime time reactions no more.


Thanks Poe. :slight_smile: I def don’t have the natural born skills, execution or the time to play like most of the top players, but I do try to practice as much as I can in the little free time I have. Not easy holding down a FT job, wife, helping run SRK and my own gig (kineda.com), while trying to level up and compete against top players that have the luxury to do nothing but grind all day. I’m very happy with how I placed considering all the above. Of course, top 16 would’ve been better, but it’s clear I’m not there yet. Gonna need a lot more practice and also need to break my horrible habit of not playing a more solid footsie/ground game. I crumble easily to pressure and tend to fall back on the runaway game and occasional wink random demon. :stuck_out_tongue:

Didn’t get to travel much this year. I made it out to 7 majors last year, but this year I only made it to 3. I’ve broken into top 16 a few times but for the most part I always end up one match short. It’s amazing how many times I’ve gotten 17th at majors. My close friends in NorCal even have a name for my 17th placings. They call it the Day 2 curse… meaning I do really well and make it to finals of my pools, but seldom get past it to make it onto the big Day 2 streams. Damn jerks but I love em! :slight_smile:

Here’s a tourney log that I keep to help track my progress. I’ve always wanted to share this, because I feel everyone should keep one to help them on their road to success. I wish more Akuma’s on this forum would do the same and share their results.


C.E.O. - 17th
Texas Showdown - 9th (my first Evo point!)
NCR - 17th
SCR - 17th


Canada Cup - 25th (damn yuns in AE)
Northwest Majors - 9th
Devastation - 9th
Evo - made it out of pools but lost to JR right after
ReveLAtions - 17th
NCR - 17th
UFGT - 17th

Let’s def meet up at Evo so we can get some games going. I always love chatting it up with other Akumas. You guys seem to have so much knowledge about setups and such, and I’m all ears when it comes to that stuff.

I met Bronx Puerto Rico Rock here at CEO. He told me he’s been busy with family stuff, but will be coming out more again. Let’s hope to see more of him soon. I know Momochi plays a ton of the cast, but his main still seems to be Cody right now. I didn’t ask him personally, but my guess is he’s just more comfortable with his main. If I see him tmrw, I’ll ask for ya.

Thanks again for the support. Truly appreciate it. :smiley:


Thanks Komatik for the advice. Your post pretty much sums it all up in a nutshell. :slight_smile: Knowing what to do, and actually doing it has been extremely tough for me. I wish I stuck to my original game plan which was pretty much the three things you mentioned above, but unfortunately I cracked and resorted to plan B. Reallllllly need to break that bad habit and it’s going to be my #1 goal before Evo.


Kineda hook me up with dat Akuma shirt :smiley:


Wait… If Kineda is grinding for Evo who’s gonna post Asian eye candy on Facebook???