Akuma Roll-Catch/Vortex tutorial video

I made this earlier today. There are ways to beat this, but it’s a great starting point:


Good stuff. Definitely a good starting point, and with tag cancel DPs, this seems to be ideal for baiting one when your opponent is low on health, especially after they’ve just been thrown. Nice video.

Golf clap

all those look like they could be dragon punched ill test them out. I honestly dont feel that akuma is a vortex character in this game but power to everyone trying to make it work. I think with his walking speed he doesnt really need to vortex. I feel he can put people in frame traps and counter hit mp to st RH to tag cancel and its much stronger and he has the walking speed to react to a roll and meaty time a mp anyway. Only problem is that it looses to back dash.

As I said, there are a few ways to beat this. The demon flips aren’t exactly ‘safe’ but I made this video to help Akuma players keep up with people that constantly like to roll. If you use the MK demon flip, you can bait out wakeup reversals and punish. It’s just meant to hopefully try to keep your opponent in one place on wakeup.