Akuma Set-up Thread: We are unblockable!

Yeah, the timing for most of those are hard to do but df throw> dash> hk.df.kick is really easy to do. Also, f.throw in corner>whiff.st hp>tk fb is easy to do idk what problem you are having with that. The way I listed it, is the way Tokido does it so Idk if there is a better way and it works on the characters I mentioned above.

I wasn’t testint the tk fb setup, sorry if i wasn’t clear. Actually, i haven’t tested that, should started to use.

I was mentioning the f.throw into corner, whiff st.hp, hk dive to hit cross-up.

Setups, from my understandment, are meant to be done on the first frames possible in order to hit. If you do it correctly and there is still a gap, i believe it’s either a flawed setup or a slight pause should be inserted in the setup in order to work.

Also, i mistyped my message. The cross up you mentioned is

Demon Flip Throw Into Corner xx Instant Dash xx Hk Demon Flip Dive - Hits crossup on the characters you mentioned.

This same setups can be changed with lk demon flip to hit on the front, right?

Man, only one page and there’s already enough stuff to get lost here. Work hard Sarda!

Also, don’t forget to use the spoiler drop-box for characters specific stuff! :smiley:

Oh, I’m pretty sure you have to do the whiff st.hp as quick as possible because if it’s too slow then they can just walk out of the df.kick and no it’s not suppose to crossup. Most of the time the opponent would try to block it as if it is a crossup or they would try to move forward to walk out of it making them get hit by the df.kick. You would think it’s easy to block but you would be surprised how many people fall for it. If they catch on to it then you can start mixing it up with cross up m.k but you have to walk forward a little to time it.

If you want to do crossup df.kick you have to do df.grab>dash>ex.df kick (maybe it’s dash 2x) and press the kick early. This isn’t a corner setup and works on certain characters. The characters I remember that this setup works on are ryu, ken, akuma, fei, rose, bison, guile, c viper and maybe more I can’t remember.

That’s what i’m saying, if you do it fast enough you’ll just do a fake empty jump.

If you’re doing setups just to land in front or at the back of the opponent, i think we aren’t pursuing the true power of setups. The distance to do c.lk in front or at the back of the opponent has to be memorized by Akuma players.

I believe that for this thread we should concentrate on setups that are unblockable or safe for most of the time. From what i tested, Toxy’s setup in the video isn’t a true setup. It’s not a bad play at all. But is just a misleading play that aims to confuse the opponent in getting hit by and empty jump. If done early, the palm doesn’t even hit Honda. It’s a good strategy, but it’s a part of the vortex that isn’t exactly a setup from my perspective.

Now, the cross-up dive in the corner is a wonderful setup. Can you, or anybody, help me getting it out perfectly? I don’t want to post setups in the first post that aren’t optimal.

Toxy did throw>whiff st.hp>to df palm. I wouldn’t consider that a setup too but I’m saying do hk.df kick instead of the palm and it would hit them. It’s is basically the same thing as df throw in corner>dash>hk.df kick but the setup is after a forward throw instead of df.throw.

I tried that setup many times and when i did it perfectly, the dive kicks where whiffing.
I’m assuming i was doing in the first frames possible because when i delayed the setup, it was hitting them.

It it’s a setup with major chances of whiffing, i’m not sure of it’s reliability, but i may be wrong.

What character are you trying it on?

I don’t know if this qualifies but against PR Rog I saw Tokido do a throw in corner, wiff hadoken then jump in for a crossup lk

vs Chun-Li and Akuma in the corner: after forward throw, 2x dash then jump MK. it will look like an obvious cross-up but will hit from the front, it’s pretty dirty. also, it will safejump EX-bird kick as long as you’re blocking AWAY from the corner

Ok, i`m really pissed.

I recorded a set of Demon Flip Throw xx Instant Dash xx Ex Dive Kick and i was able to hit cross-up on a LOT of characters. I set the recorded part and was changing characters and this were the ones that it was hitting as a cross-up (I tested until viper):

Rufus (always), Abel, Viper, Ryu, Juri, Guile, Ken, Zang, Ibuki, Viper

Makoto, Blanka and Balrog were whiffing

Now, here comes the odd part. I got out for a couple of hours and then when i returned i tried to record it again. On Rufus is pretty darn easy and it will in almost every possible timing but i spent 30 minutes trying to record it again against those same characters and i wasnt able to do it no matter what i tried. I did everything instantly then tried to delay each move and couldnt find the correct timing. So, as far as im concerned it aint a viable setup agains this huge list of characters due to this inconstancy. If anybody has any thoughts on how to reproduce it, please, let me know.

Great thread, but you should update the OP with all the setups posted!

Anyway, a setup that I have not seen used much is:
[media=youtube]or7bJ1seHNI"]YouTube - [SSFIV[/media]

After going to training mode and testing the throw>whiff st.hp>hk.df.kick, you are right if you do the hp and df.kick as fast as possible it will whiff. Now for the df.throw>dash>ex.df kick I never knew it crossed up on rufus O_o. But the timing for it is pretty easy, I get it to work 100% of the time. You just mash the dash then mash the ex.df then mash the kick as fast as possible.

@above. I used to try to do the setup but it was really hard to get it right even 60% of the time. However, the df.throw>dash>ex.df. kick is a lot easier and it’s the same thing but you use 1 meter.

Hey Snake, please, im not trying to be a dick here but try to read carefully what ive written sometimes, you re-posted the same thing i said two times and its quite confusing for me. I was saying that on Rufus that setup is really easy, but i managed to do in a whole bunch of characters with a recorded setup that when i tried to record again later, i wasnt able to pull off.

@everybody: I havent updated the OP yet because i only want to do it with thoroughly tested setups that wont whiif or leave players been grabbed out of the setup when done correctly. I already have some of them that i`ll put there but if people help me test some setups it will be great.

Ok, but I’m telling you this setup is extremely easy. I get it to work 100% of the time, you’re probably doing something wrong. If you are recording the setup on a shoto, abel, viper, bison, any maybe some more characters the ex.df.kick is suppose to whiff. But once you playback the recording and hold back you will get hit by the ex.df kick. I’m just telling you this because it might be the problem you are having. If it’s that’s not the problem then I still think that it’s a good setup because I get to to work 100% of the time offline and online. We should see if others are having similar problems as you.

Snake, that what i was saying, WE ARE SAYING THE EXACT SAME THING.

The setups is REALLY REALLY easy on Rufus, just do it.

But i’m just saying that the setup also exists against other characters and i was able to record it once and it was hitting cross up in many characters (including Shotos and Juri) but it`s quite random so i don’t think it should be posted, except for Rufus.

And we can now try do discover which other characters is also fairly easy, just like Rufus.

It’s sad how you are failing to read my whole post. Don’t tell me to do it because I’ve been doing this setup for months now and I already know that it works on other characters and I know all the characters it works on. All I’m going to say is read my post above and you will get it to work. If not then unfortunately there is definitely something wrong with you but not the setup.

And we aren’t saying the exact same thing. You are saying it’s really easy on rufus only. I’m saying that it is extremely easy on the other characters I mentioned including rufus. It’s totally different than what you are saying. To make it more simple, you’re saying it’s easy on one character; I’m saying it’s as easy to do on other characters and that it’s not random because I can do it 100% of the time on other characters. 100% seems really consistent to me to be random.

Np man, i wasn`t being agressive we were just misunderstanding each other.

So, which characters do you think this is an easy and valid setup?

On Cammy

F.Throw, LK Tatsu whiff, HK DF kick will stuff reversal and non-reversal Cannon Spike. The timing is pretty tight, it took me a few tries to get the dummy to stuff CS.
EX CS will trade
Spiral Arrows, Ultra 1, and Super will allow her to escape

vs Cammy: for the HK demonflip, do we hit kick as soon as possible? or must we delay the kick timing.

Would like to ask the same question for the standard max range sweep -> HK demonflip kick vs shots to stuff DP. Do we just mash out the kick after HKdemonflip?

What setups are there where we have to delay the timing of the kick?