Akuma shouldn't talk

Sorry this anoys me. Akuma never said a word except SHO’s!!!

He says: Another round away! <— OMFG

You guys think it’s pretty cool(?) or you think Akuma shouldn’t talk?

In before West abuses his mod powers and locks this thread because he personally doesn’t like it.

Weird. I was sure he said, ‘You can’t run away.’ Will have to pay closer attention next time I U2. It would be cooler with my quote.

its ‘the next realm awaits.’

Put Akuma on Japanese. Its MUCH better than English VA Akuma and more fitting to the character, since he also talks less/not as dramatic.

Only things I like hearing Akuma say is gou hadou, gou shoryu, and messatsu.

I don’t even have Super and I know he says “The other realm awaits”.

Yeah thats what the crappy english Voice actor says.

Seriously, I like a lot of english va but akuma’s is just bad to me. Maybe if they got Keith Burgess to do it itd be good.

I liked his 3S quotes more.

lmao Akuma threads stay being unhelpful, irrelevant, and fucking retarded :lol:


After super’s release I think the intelligence of the Akuma forum has slowly been diminishing.

That being said Akuma can talk, he is still the vicious murder he always was.

Really like:
Japanese voice

U2 English: “The other realm awaits” not another round away wtf…

He keeps his speech to a minimum outside of ex, supers/ultras and instead grunts because fighting chumps is a waste of his time.

1-dimensional forum trolls thinking srk is only about skill boosting and not akuma fandom
-where else can you shamelessly post interesting, diverse akuma topics; afterall akumas techniques were discussed in depth…um last year. (corollary: Stoli is in fact retarded however)

English rival battle with Ryu, sounds like he had sea urchins and Drain-O for lunch. Fail

(Tangent) whatever the fuck Japanese bison says after his ultra 2. State of the union address long.

Pretty much the general consenus.

I think you should just…


What the heckkk! I always thought it was “Don’t run away.” Which was hella cool in my opinion. Oh well. :[

I’m guessing that you’re upset that you’ve been repeatedly called out on your retarded threads.

This thread is also pretty stupid and useless… Man, the Akuma forums are so close to ass now.

Man, the first 7 or 8 posts in this thread are pure gold. Jesus Christ.

It’s “The other realm awaits.”, you had me thinking what you were talking about for a while. You also missed out his “Hyah Hoh… HM HM HM HM HMM HHHMMMMM”.

Example: [media=youtube]7iW3MbhG2tE[/media]

Nah, Akuma sounds bad ass. In Japanese, at least. I don’t mind him talking.

Lol, when the game first came out, a friend told me he thought Akuma was saying “You oughta run away” when he does U2 which is hilarious.