AKUMA Sketch* Live From SDCC* BIG FILE!

Sup y’all, here’s an Akuma commision i did from scratch at San Diego Comicon International. Filmed over my shoulder, courtesy of Rob-Air. i figured since i’m always posting finished art , i’d change the pace and drop some recorded “real-time” fun. non-photo blues, then pencil.

This is NOT for 56kers. 32MEGS, and about 20 minutes long :eek:






Verrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrry goooooooood stuff Lesean I hope u still do ur thang brooo and come challenge my Paul in Tekken 4 someday. Anyways man ive been seeing ur work since Arkanium and Ninja Turtles and cant wait to see u make it bigggggggg. Hold that shit like ur brother Sanford would say

hey LeSean that’s very tight.

I wasn’t able to make it to the con is there somewhere I can buy Cannon Busters #0? I’m dying here trying to find it to buy.

Do you remember me on the old Mad! boards? I remember commenting on your stuff saying it kinda reminded me of Breath of Fire art style. Well you have definitely come into your own and deserve all the hype your work is hot.

Awesome! My brother is gonna love this. It’s really cool seeing the piece come together like that. Much thanks.

Cool thanks LeSean, got some mighty skills there!

It was really cool of you sharing that with us. Muchas Gracias!

That’s awesome Les! Just watched the video (well skimmed through it) and the final picture turned out sweet. Keep up the good work man. I’m also looking out for Cannon Busters, that’s gonna be huge!

Awesome video man. I find it funny how after you drew the picture you got up off the chair. It was like “look at that, you guys better recognize”. Just joking, but again great energy and flow in that akuma pic.

hey thanx guys. be sure to pick up SF#9 this weds at your local retailer:cool:


You’re on some nex level, lol…
Yeah looking forward to pick up your cover LeSean:D

God damn, very bad ass LeSean. Thats got to be one of the best Akuma sketches I’ve seen.