akuma sketch


i’ve been trying to color in photoshop in my free time, which isn’t much.
i didn’t use the airbrush, i used the pencil w/ verious opacity. i think that’s how sfmc told me to try it.
any tips?


jesus son!!! that shit is so ugly i feel like slapping the crap out of you. i dont know if this is for real or not but i do know you should never talk shit if you suck balls. . why would you humiliate yourself by posting this!!! whyyyyy?


you could at least help him sweet, I think thats what piss people off instead of the bashing…

Your pic is okay, but dont talk shit though it will come back at you.


Badass, great job. Only thing is that I think his head could be a little more to the left, but still great work. Nice energy effect too.


It looks awesome artwork!!!

It has pretty great effect. Great work!!!


dont h8 appereci8


akuma looks like posing in a rapper/hip hop style


damni love u man, i hope u never leave. i want to put up somne of my art just to see what u will say next.



I like this picture though.


U should call this pic, LOOK WHAT I GOT!

I like it.


sweet. it’s a sketch. and i wasn’t talking shit to you till you said shit to me. i gave you my opinions about your art then you responded by being an asshole. so fuck you you one trick bitch.

everyone else. thx.


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i think you need to beef him up some but it’s a great pic


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Yeah it cool I do like the energy effects but it could use some brushing up. I think it would of looked better as a sketch no color just sketchy.

p.s. It aint bad. See wombat I aint even gon dis ya artwork.