Akuma spam


Can anyone offer any insight on how to stop a good Akuma player? The options he has is ridiculous and he is tippy top tier. IMO he should be banned from ranked online play and tournaments. I know with AE Akuma and Evil Ryu players are only going to get worse. Any advice fellers?:mad:


I love how you give us 0 insight on your problem.

Thread title = akuma spam = spam what? Of course you don’t tell us. (fire balls?)

First sentence = how do you stop a good akuma player = stop what? (his vortex?)

Akuma top tier = yea so what? Go look at mvc2 top tier, go look at third strike top tier… = :coffee:

PS. AE shin akuma and evil ryu probably will be ban… like I don’t know EVER OTHER FUCKING GAME THEY ARE IN.

Any advice? yea my advice tell us what you are having problems with then maybe we can help!


I thought the thread would be pretty self explanatory. All good Akumas spam air fireballs, have loads of options in almost any circumstance. I mean Im having problems with crossups. They spin kick into either a shoryuken, grab or combo. I don’t know how to get that detailed with a person who spams Akuma. My 6 year old cousin can have a decent Akuma haha.




troll thread is obvious.


This sure is one helpful forum. Some of Capcom’s best floatin round’ these parts.


“All good Akumas spam air fireballs”

not a single good akuma just spams air fireballs

“having problems with crossups”

You can block crossups if it is on wakeup and if your opponent is jumping in to a cross-up you can still block, anti-air or work better on your zoning to try and keep him out of that range.

“they spin kick into either a shoryuken, grab or combo”

If the combo into the tatsu(spin kick) then they are punishing you somehow or you are just not blocking. if they do a tatsu that is not comboed into then you can easily punish it. If you are talking about the air tatsu then you either just anti-air it or it is on wake-up as part of his mix up game.

“My 6 year old cousin can have a decent Akuma haha”

Akuma is not broken at all and it sounds like you just have no idea of how to deal with him. I would recommend that you go to your characters sub forum, look for the matchup thread and then read the akuma match up writeup.

Giving more info may help you.


can you decipher your 6 year old cousin’s Gouki? :stuck_out_tongue:


Thanks :slight_smile:


Dude you must be kidding me, its not easy paying against or learning how to play him. He has very good zoning, and can kill anyone who doesnt think about what they are doing. I KNOW all his moves, but still get punished regularly. You should take the time to learn whats available to your character to stop him. I was schooled by DAN, Sakura, Dudley, Balrog, Vega, etc… Any one of them can beat him easily. Akuma is not your problem. You skill along with your style of thinking is.

If your 6 year old cousin’s Akuma CAN GIVE YOU PROBLEMS. Then you have the answer right there, what level you are thinking at. Take your time and learn the Game, Thats what I WAS doing.


simple beginner Advice so you don’t look as free:

  1. Block
  2. Don’t get knockdown because you’ll get vortexed
  3. bait out SRKs/U1 to punish big


Spam has a lot of sodium, if you catch my drift.