Akuma Strats and Connecting Combos

Ok here are some akuma strats and bits for those of you are thinking about using akuma


High Damage Giver
Fused power of Ken and Ryu (Good AA Shoryuken Combo + Shinku-Hadoken type Projectile)
Has one more super move in mid-air
Has Raging Demon (Massive Damage Grab)


High Damage Taker (as in every game)
Raging Demon is damn near useless in this game
Seriously Nerfed, but not Totally useless

Preferred Type : r (expansion) others are pretty useless

Direction Key:
d = down
r = toward
l = away
u = up

hp 2,2
lp 1,2 (coordinate of buttons on arcade stick)
hk 2,1
lk 1,1
2xp = hp + lp simultaneously
2xk = hk + lk simultaneously

attached means all in one motion, comma between means separated

amgh (air messatou gou hadou) :while in midair, ldr, 2xp
mgh (messatou gou hadou) : rdl, 2xp

:lame: alert tetsumaki sempa kyaku : ldr 2xk
end :lame: alert

Hidden Super Move:
Raging Demon
lp, lp, toward, lk, hp

Moves: These are usually easy to figure out

hadoken: tell me you know what hadoken is. This is the smallest next to dan’s, and that’s pretty bad as in no surface area and not much damage.

tetsumaki sempa kyaku: dl k the best assist type, and a great way to finish air combos.

shoryuken: rdr p

air combos

jump inward towards enemy, above him, press lk,hp, while in middle press mp then d hp, sj, lp, lk, amgh. should land about 20 hits 19-23 ish. does about 5/11 of opponent’s bar on standard damage ratio (cable)

standard variation
do everything in standard up until sj then lp, lk, lp, lk, tsk, should do about 1/2 opponent bar damage. (yeah, i know)

Combo to super move

the only one i know as of now would be the lk, hk, shinku shoryuken (rdr 2xp). Does decent damage.

I think someone else can take care of the rest. just to get you acquainted with akuma.