Akuma Super and Ultra 1 Guide by Zang PART 3




Sometimes you get desperate haha. This is for opponents who are staying away from you and you need that Instant Hell Murder to land. Both Super and Ultra work great in their own way. The gameplan is to use the Demon Flip to get close while inputting the 2 LP’s in the air which happen to give you the palm attack in the air. The palm recovers immediately and as you land, the Instant Hell Murder comes out. The Super you want to land at point blank range so you really have to know your distances well with the demon flip. If done correctly, as long as your opponent didn’t jump before you landed, you will land the Super.

The Ultra is a little gimmicky. Sometimes you may want to go over them with a little room to avoid the range of light attacks and grabs upon landing. If they attempt a HP or HK, it’ll be to slow and they will be caught. Sometimes using an EX Demon Flip Palm to Ultra is better as the speed is faster to catch them off guard but in the end it’s how they react to it. Most people try to guess which way to guard the Demon Flip which is great if you use the Super at point blank. If using the Ultra, after they realized it was whiff, they will try to make you pay during the recovery in which the Ultra will catch. It is still risky however but the common reaction most players tend to have ended up in your favor. A small note, some players trying to catch you in the air gets hit by the palm in the air which is a nice little bonus.

MY way of usually doing this is after a forward throw. I front flip once and H Demon Flip upon landing the front flip. This lands me right next to the opponent and behind them. The reason l choose this is because reversals are input in the wrong direction and MOST people just end up holding block which lands the Super. The Ultra is 50/50 as some people press a button. Pressing a button when using a Super, your Super wins.


My favorite PREFERED Super set up. This is a great example of conditioning and I land this 95% of the time. There are two things important to setting this up. The first is that my general playstyle, I like to go for cross up attacks on my opponents wakeup. I go for cross ups like crazy actually. So my opponent knows to hold Forward to block the cross and then they prepare to block low.

The second factor is this Instant Hell Murder must be used on wakeup. The gameplan is to land pointblank next to the opponent upon wake up on the other side of them and hit them with the Super which is guaranteed. The conditioning from the many, many cross ups has the opponent at this point naturally hold Forward to block the crossup. After the player sees the blockstun, they would attempt to usually block low. However, there is no blockstun as 2 LP’s are whiffed in the air and the final command is pressed upon landing. This tactic of cross ups on wake up to finally crossing over to Super lands so much it is ridiculous. This is my preferred tactic for using the Super for all readers. Hopefully crossups are part of your natural playstyle but if it isn’t, when close to getting a Super, just go for a few cross ups just too quickly condition them and they will most likely fall for it.

My two ways of setting myself up is.

After scoring a knockdown, to go for a crossup on wake up and actually buffer the Super in the air and land it upon landing. People fall for this commonly expecting a crossup since I naturally go for crossups like crazy just to apply SAFE wake up pressure.

The second is after up to 3 cr.LPs, a front flip will land behind them point blank. Pointblank you can hit cr.LP 3 times. Then a little further back, 2 cr.LPs then 1 cr.LP. KNOW your range so after you are out of range of cr.LP, you are in perfect range to front flip CrossUp Demon Super. Very effective.


My favorite Ultra set up. It’s gimmicky by a lot but it’s a great gimmick that will have you winning matches over and over again. If your playstyle with Akuma is aggressive, even better. The plan with this Ultra is to bait out a reversal on wake up as you flip over them and land hitting the Ultra. You have to watch out for light version of the reversal as 3 frame reversals will recover quickly enough to dodge and things like Sumo Headbutt or Psycho Crusher will go too far for you to catch.

First you need to score a knock down. If you go for this tactic without a knockdown, any good player will throw you upon landing. After completing the knockdown, you want to move around but end up as close as possible to them when they are getting up from wake up. Right before they are able to go for their grab or reversal, flip over them and input the 2 LP’s in the air hitting the final command upon landing. If they went for a reversal, they will whiff and you will catch them in the Ultra upon landing.

If they went for a grab, they will most likely attempt to grab you again on landing but you will be out of range since you were so close to them on the floor. Also light attacks will not be in range to hit you and heavy attacks will be to slow and you will catch them due to invincibility frames. It’s the perfect range to use the Ultra because people will most likely try to attack you and the only attacks fast enough are not in range. The only way for them to avoid this is for them not to hit you upon waking up AND also not to try to hit you upon your landing. This is rare that someone will do this and if they did not attacking upon wake up, they highly most likely will try to hit you upon your landing. It’s very dirty but it lands a lot.

The last tournament I was at, I developed a quick fan base for being consistent with landing the Instant Hell Murder before the tournament started and 2 of my opponents even told me they knew I was baiting a reversal but they just ended up throwing out the reversal anyway. As Akuma players, we don’t worry too much about our own wake up but wake up is a big part in Street Fighter and many players, especially aggressive ones go for reversal wake ups. Also do not worry the reversal will auto-correct. If you timed it RIGHT before they are up, they will go the wrong way.

Lastly noted, if you notice your opponent did not go for a reversal upon waking up and has just remained crouched or starts walking away from where you are about to land from jumping and crossing over, you have enough time to notice no aggressive action and not finish the Ultra. You don’t waste the Ultra nor take any risk of getting hit this way. If I have my Ultra available and it can do good damage relative to the remaining health they have left, this is my usual gameplan outside of REVERSAL DEMONS. Unless the opponent is extremely defensive and very rarely attacks, they will probably fall for this at least the first time you use this. You’re welcome.


My term for landing 2 Instant Hell Murder’s one directly after another. This is just a combination of both the SAFE BAIT DEMON followed by the CROSSUP DEMON. I always land the Ultra first as if things go terribly wrong; I did not waste a Super for next round. After landing the Ultra, on slimmer characters, take a step back before crossing up and crossup so you land exactly when they rise.

The reason why this works so often is because after getting hit with the Ultra, players are immediately defensive and attempt to block what they believe is crossup jump in which leads them to get hit by the Super. Anytime the Ultra is landed, you will notice the opponent playing more defensive even if that was the only hit you scored on them. The thought process is that they just opened themselves up for big damage and have to be more careful. As that is fresh in their heads the Super lands.

THIS LANDS A LOT because after landing Ultra 1 on an opponent. Their mental state is defensive. They just took a HUGE blow. The Super point blank is nearly 100% because they are in ‘block mode’ after wake up from Ultra 1.


Sometimes you play someone who is honestly just better than you. They understand you are waiting for a good time to use the Instant Hell Murder so they play in a way where you cannot pull out any of the ways to ensure it landing and when you try to use a gimmick, they already saw it coming and avoiding it. Playing against ChrisG, I asked him after our matches if he could smell I wish fishing for a Demon and he told me he was. Also by reading his movements, he gave me NO chance for a 100% demon.

If you ever played Texas Holdem, the great players can read you like a book and there’s not much to do about it. However the great players cannot read someone new to the game or someone who just isn’t that smart. A player cannot counter your plans if you have no plans. In this scenario, you might end up trying to throw a Instant Hell Murder out when it doesn’t make sense.

For your opponent to beat you they must attack and every attack is a chance to use the Instant Hell Murder. The video linked above in the section MENTAL STATE is when I barely won the first round, got crushed the second round and was getting absolutely destroyed the final round. The player was straight up better than me and I just threw out an Ultra with no plan and then I got lucky. And then I got a forward throw in and then got lucky again with the Super and won the match.

If you feel your opponent knows you are eager to set him up for the Instant Hell Murder, sometimes it’s just best to throw it out there with no plan and hope it lands because if you’re not playing smart, he cannot read you. In other words, do random stupid things you wouldn’t normally do and maybe you’ll get lucky. I know I give the best advice.


So I have tested and tested and tried to research why a Super may beat a Ultra, Super beat another Super, Ultra beat a Super or Ultra beat another Ultra. I cannot find out how two colliding Instant Hell Murders has as someone picked as the winner. It has nothing to do with who goes first. The only thing I can tell you for sure is that if an Instant Hell Murder is active on someone waking up and that person wakes up uses either Super or Ultra, the person waking up will be the winner of the two Demons colliding. If it’s not an important match or you just have balls, while you see the animation of the other Akuma charging up, slam on the LP until the animation is over and hit the F/B+LK+HP immediately and you might as well go flip a coin haha. It’s not a suggested tactic but people go nuts as it usually determines the winner based off nothing but luck, its fun to do, and you have to remember, we play to have fun.


Despite the drawbacks the Instant Hell Murder has, both the Super and Ultra version have many interesting uses. Because of the different properties of each, using each is completely different though at a glance they seem like the same thing. You will never worry about damage scaling and the Ultra is straight up powerful and will have you making comebacks like crazy.

There are so many ways to land both and after landing one; your opponent will be more careful and defensive on their approach which is great for Akuma players because Akuma plays best aggressive. Having them fearful also makes landing the Super even easier. Just the presence of the Ultra limits what an opponent is able to throw out and that advantage alone can win you a match without even using the Ultra but just having the threat of it there.

Note if there are any flaws with this guide, let me know and I’ll be happy to edit it. We all just want to get better after all. Good luck to dragging some souls instantly to hell :smiley: <- ok that was nerdy but you are here reading this guide

Akuma Super and Ultra 1 Guide by Zang
Akuma Super and Ultra 1 Guide by Zang PART 2

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