Akuma Super and Ultra 1 Guide by Zang



Super Street Fighter 4 Arcade Edition 2012 Revised PART 1
Instant Hell Murder Guide
Rob Zheng
Gamertag/PSID: ZangerGB4
7/13/2012 revised
Zang’s Hell Murder A guide on Akuma’s Super and Ultra 1 by Rob Zheng

Part 1 will discuss the properties of the Super and Ultra, the basic shortcut and the general gameplay idea behind using the Super and Ultra

Part 2 and 3 will discuss actual set up and gimmicks using the Super and Ultra how to bait, lure in, guarantee and pressure.

Parts 2 and 3 are located here:


My name is Rob Zheng, ZangerGB4 on Xbox Live and PS Network. I’ve been a serious Akuma player since Marvel vs Capcom 2, following into Super Street Fighter II Turbo HD Remix and then Street Fighter 4, Super,Arcade Edition and 2012 as well as Marvel vs Capcom 3 and Street Fighter X Tekken. I’ve compete in local and big tournaments and focused on Akuma as my only character through all of them. This guide is for the use of Super Street Fighter 4 Arcade Edition 2012. I use a Mad Catz Fighting Stick but can still perform well on pad.


The Instant Hell Murder is one of the most interesting Super/Ultra’s of Super Street Fighter 4 Arcade Edition. It has a few odd drawbacks that no other characters can relate to. It is very damaging, being tied for 2nd with T.Hawk having Zangief at 1st, of none buffed Ultra’s (Maktoto Supered and Hakan Oiled). Its utility greatly changes the options of the opponent once it’s ready to be used. There are several gimmicks for both the Super and Ultra. Of them, most of these gimmicks require conditioning the opponent for a little bit but lucky for us, the Super and Ultra are available later in the match, unless you’re going in the 2nd or 3rd round with a Super.

Finally, the satisfaction of landing the Instant Hell Murder is just an amazing feeling. Overall, this move is much more complicated than most Super/Ultra’s and by mastering the in’s and out’s of it can be very rewarding as puts you back into the fight if you have not already just won with it.

There are a few set ups I will be going over as well. The big difference between a ‘Set up’ and ‘Gimmick’ is simply, a Set up puts you in position use the Instant Hell Murder safely and to have 100% success rate such as Kara Super and Anti Air Ultra 1. A Gimmick is however unsafe if the opponent sees it coming but usually work the first time in a match because it is clever. Baiting reversals/normals on wake up through a front flip into Ultra 1 is a Gimmick. Through this article, I will be referring to Akuma’s Super(Raging Demon) and Ultra 1(Wrath of the Raging Demon) as the Instant Hell Murder(because it sounds bad ass). I will be specific on which one I am addressing.


The Super is a zero frame grab meaning, if your opponent is next to you when you activate it, they will be grabbed. The Ultra however is not. The Ultra is invincible for the first 6 frames, in cancelable from normal moves and has the ability to ‘catch’ people out of the air. Both need to be landed at the same distance as his normal grabs. Both have their places and are used almost COMPLETELY differently.

After mastering the usage of the Super, you’ll begin to attempt to save EX stock when you can. You cannot combo into either besides using a Focus Attack so you have no offensive guarantees but you don’t have to worry about Damage Scaling weakening such a powerful tool. Because of the properties, there are a lot of ways to land this move while being sure not to whiff it. Like Akuma, it is very versatile and powerful and a must to master.


First before anything else, it is very crucial to know the shortcut of the Instant Hell Murder as you will be able to land it extremely easier for whatever plan you have for it. It is simply pressing LP,LP and then F+LK+HP all 3 at once for Super. LP,LP and then B+LK+HP for Ultra. Its faster and slightly easier mentally than hitting LP,LP,F/B,LK,HP. Especially when freaking out as you’re close to being KO’ed and throwing out the Super/Ultra is your last hope for coming back or even winning the match. There are other shortcuts but they are not necessary to learn as anything you could achieve with those shortcuts, you can achieve with this one. It’s also mentally the easiest of all other shortcuts and once again, in a real match with low health, you want the easy shortcut.


Having the Instant Hell Murder one your side is very reassuring in Street Fighter. Even better, having a Super and a fully charged Ultra is amazing as it secures high damage as long as you’re smart to land both.
2:18 in the final round is a great example how a Super, a fully charged Ultra and a simple forward throw can take down a player from full health even though Akuma was a hit from being Perfected on. With that said, never give up or feel like you have lost until the round is actually over. The Instant Hell Murder is comeback central.
Because you cannot combo into the Instant Hell Murder besides the Focus Attack, it does not get damage scaling to reduce the damage of the Super/Ultra. The Ultra is also very high in damage itself. Therefore anytime landing the Ultra, it’s going to hurt. No character can be KO’ed by just the Super and full Ultra alone as Damage Reduction is reduced relative to low stamina through the course of a match. Super and Ultra damage damages Seth for 796 if the Super is used first, 791 if the Full Ultra was used first.
Having the assurance of having the Instant Hell Murder will help you play calmer, more confidently and overall you will secure more wins with this mental state of “It’s not over till it’s over”. Currently 20% of my won rounds were finished by the Ultra. 10% of won rounds were finished by the Super. Other wins of course had my Super/Ultra landed but was not the final blow and some matches, my Ultra was not even active to use(because l pwnd them :p). That being said, 30% is decently high of matches I’ve won with the Super/Ultra. Of course, it’s much better to win without the Ultra even being active, but its a nice having a bomb as your back up.


The Instant Hell Murder is different than other Super’s and Ultra’s in its command to pull off. Where other characters have a motion followed by attack buttons, Akuma must first input the attack buttons. Because of this, Akuma players must hide the input so the opponent not sees the Super/Ultra coming. This is easily solved by using a normal or special attack and buffing the command of the 2 LP’s followed by the F/B + LK + HP either during or after the normal or special attack as some moves like the Hurricane Kick cannot be cancelled into Super/Ultra.

Buffering in the air however has its disadvantage. While other characters can empty jump (jumping without attacking in the air) in the air and land right into their Super/Ultra. Akuma must buffer the 2 LP’s in the air which causes recovery frames upon landing. Depending on your set up, this may have Akuma be hit before the Instant Hell Murder can come out. The Instant Hell Murder cannot be combo’ed into besides using the Focus Attack followed by dashing either forward or back in which during the dash, you buffer in the 2 LP’s.

Lastly, I have no idea why but landing the Ultra gives your opponent 2 stocks of EX gauges so if it didn’t seal match for you, your opponent now has the option of using 2 EX moves, possibly a Super or an extra FADC available. Something I highly dislike about the Ultra.


Whiffing 2 LP’s before going into Instant Hell Murder is extremely no0bish. Because of how the Instant Hell Murder works, it has to be deceitful. Even if you use it as a reversal from blocking a Dragon Punch, by whiffing the 2 LP’s, you may hit the opponent as they come down which then makes it possible for the opponent to evade. Therefore, buffering is very necessary to hide the intention, insure no accidental hits hit the opponent and also to set up the opponent. The different ways to buffer have different set ups, some being known by name such as the Kara Demon. Some are risky gimmicks to bait and hope your opponent reacts how you hope while others are guaranteed after seeing you action your opponent makes that you were expecting. Apparently, we are able to react to something 8 times faster if we are waiting and expecting it than not.


If you are able to condition your opponent, you won the match. Street Fighter is all about reading people or more so, guessing correctly about the action they are about to take. Conditioning may take place in general or in specific situations. Generally, by having a very strong offense, you can condition your opponent to play more defensively which you can then apply going for a throw or a slower overhead attack because you are sure they will be scared to counter attack. Specifically, you can condition an opponent to use or not use a move by intentionally giving results that would positively or negatively reinforce that person to use that move. An example would be to apply heavy pressure but leave small gaps, such as cr.LP,cr.LP,cr.LP,F+MP(overhead) where a Dragon Punch could stop the pressure during the overhead attack. If they use the Dragon Punch, they were a little bit more positively reinforced to use the Dragon Punch again under pressure. If they keep on defense, they will block or get hit by the overhead. This tactic is risky as you are intentionally gambling your Stamina in hopes later in the match you will be able to capitalize in the conditioning.

If you conditioned them well, of course what better way to capitalize than using the most powerful move you have. I like to try conditioning when I have a life lead in the first round as it will be more effective long term and I can afford a hit but I don’t highly suggest trying to condition opponents risking health all the time, especially on characters with much more Stamina such as Zangief and especially if your opponent has the life lead. This leads me to my next sections, gimmicks.


Conditioning the opponent very powerful tool into landing not only the Instant Hell Murder but anything you want in Street Fighter. However, you probably will want to land the Instant Hell Murder before breaking the conditioning you worked on and also as much as you condition someone, you do not know for sure 100% what they are about to do. You can only hope that they believe you are as big of a fool as you let on and hopefully when you want to lure out that Dragon Punch that they will believe they should use it because it will land just like the last 3 times they were getting up from wakeup state or under pressure. Usually gimmicks aren’t too bad because they are after all gimmicks so the chances of landing the Instant Hell Murder through a gimmick are high but only the first time. Good thing there’s more than one gimmick for the Demon.


l tried to cut corners because there is a text limit


lol heading to a club but yea, l’ll be editing all 3 parts of this guide when l get home, thank you for the advice tho!


Sorry dude but I doubt many would read 1 wall of text thread, let alone 3 lol

Reserve a couple of posts and use spoiler tags in one thread.


ahh lm new to this… could you explain better? yea l want to spread my knowledge bout this but l know lm poorly posting it all blocky


Unfortunately basically everything you talk about is available in other threads.


True… just wrote it anyway to have one confined guide on it alone. Do you happen to have the links to the other threads? Just if there’s something l missed that l can add in. Did you see part 2 and part 3?


http://eckoboi410.xanga.com/754713660/item/ this is the original posting… should l just post it EXACTLY or somewhat close like this and just make it maybe 5 Parts instead? Let me know, thanx.


http://eckoboi410.xanga.com/754713660/item/ this is the original posting… should l just post it EXACTLY or somewhat close like this and just make it maybe 5 Parts instead? Let me know, thanx.


dat xanga.


Just read the post in the link you provided, as shin said there’s nothing really new here, mostly just gimmicks, there’s already a thread stickied about reversal opportunities. Even though Akuma’s Super is one of the easiest to land in the game considering it’s a 0 frame command grab and Akuma has great mobility, the damage isn’t That good, it gives a bad knockdown and Akuma players love the meter for extra damage/stun & pressure.

All of Akuma’s normal fireballs have the same amount of recovery frames, Shakunetsu have different recovery frames depending on the version used.

Good players will crouch block when you jump over them and tech late, such U1 gimmicks don’t workout as often as you think vs decent players.


The other threads are stickied.

No offense bud, I can see you put some work into this, but you’re about 3 years too late with this info.


Like Shin said, you can already find most of this information here in the Akuma forums. The most practical stuff (anti air demons and what moves you can reversal demon) are already listed in both matchup threads and some of the guides here, in addition to how to kara demon etc.

I’m not trying to downplay the work you put into this. Its always good to reevaluate your character’s moves and I’m sure this helped you mentally file all the options you have available.

One big thing I think you missed (I don’t think I saw it mentioned anywhere in the whole guide) is the usefulness of ALWAYS buffering demon into sweep:

  1. It serves as a protection against people who are fishing for your sweep to jump over. Usually you can anti air these people if you get the timing right. Also it’s not as obvious as constantly fishing for a c. MK anti air demon and you barely have to think about it if you just get the muscle memory down to constantly hit 2 lp after sweep (or with sweep depending on your preference/timing etc)

  2. It punishes people who like to focus HARD. It will usually catch even fast focus backdashes, and will definitely catch people fishing for a crumple. Even top players forget this is an option. It also lets you use your best poke with impunity. As before, you barely have to think about this once it’s in your muscle memory. You just buffer it, if you see the focus bam hit back/lk/HP free demon. Only time you have to be careful is trying this against certain characters from max range (they can usually DP you out of it or jump) or trying this against people who have very fast focuses/ are trying to just punish you with quick level 1s.

I think c. HK buffering is probably one of Akuma’s most practical U1 uses. Also you can use it to bait out whiff punishes during footsies as well (we all saw Infiltration do this @ evo this year against Daigo).


In tournaments you’d actual be surprised how often players fall for this. The other thing is at tournaments, players watch me play and know l do this and yet they still fall for this. l have come in Semi finals and finals at a few local tournaments using this. It IS a gimmick but it’s one that works quiet often.


Oh wow, l actually TOTALLY forgot bout writing about that. Thank you for the heads up. Yea l usually use it for people who focus like crazy. Good look. And yea, l know l’m extremely late writing all of this. l was hoping it would just be an easier reference to see all options of how it can be used and hopefully give any Akuma players maybe one extra trick here or there to use in their game. And yea it did help me of course mentally file all the options on paper. Overall, as much as l love the community, l want Akuma players to do the very best and flipped out a lil when EVO2012 was won by Infiltration haha.