Akuma Sweep after Light Tatsu



One problem i have for akuma is doing a sweep after a light tatsu, i dont know the timing for it, and i don’t know what moves will push the opponent back enough so that the light tatsu is executed and the oppoenent lamds specifically for a sweep. plz can someone help me.





^it’s character specific and tough to do you’re probably trying to do it against ryu which is why you fail everytime.


Yeah its only on certain charaters like Sagat read the fourm in the link.


I use hk tatsu for shotos and it works all the time

Hk tatsu has worked on most characters I faced…now that I think about it…it worked on all the characters


f’ing 06’ers…wait wut


06 was the old 09 back in 05.


you guys can try it if not ill post a video if you want

i know for a fact it works on the shotos using hk tatsu and other characters as well

we never bullshitted back in '06 dummies

EDIT: Heres an example of it done on rufus (says it cant be done to him on that list)



He attempts it on blanka at 00:32 it wouldve connected but momochi was too slow on the hk


it works on fuerte, bison, abel, ryu, and ken

i havent tried it on gen so he’s the only one im not sure about


^dude this whooshes over your head hard. Deleting the rest out of politeness but going to keep the first true part.

Edit: My bad I just read the thread title then read your post and was WTF moment for me. Also yes Cross up tatsu->sweep works on all characters if done right although the timing is different for each because they all fall at different speeds. Chun=wait a sec Sagat=just mash sweep it’ll hit.


well i guess its my fault for not clarifying but you couldve at least attempted to put 2 and 2 together

i said HK tatsu would work but i forgot to say it works on the cross over

i didnt mean HK tatsu after LK tatsu -____- ive been in the scene long enough to know shit like that is stupid

so just to clarify i meant using HK tatsu then sweep would work on most of the characters


Well first it isn’t the point of this thread, but if we must.

HK Tatsu to end a combo is a waste IMO. It does less damage than the LK.Tatsu > HP.SRK and doesn’t provide the same advantage that LK.Tatsu > c.HK does.

The only time I even use HK.Tatsu is sometimes in place of a fireball on a successful c.MK poke. Which is a little risky if I screw up and use it.

So overall it’s uses are limited to specific cases.


you probably missed the last post i made while making this one

what i was trying to say originally was that HK tatsu into sweep would work on most characters instead of LK tatsu into sweep


If you are referring to cross up ** Air ** Tatsu into a sweep then yes that works on everyone. However we are referring to a Ground tatsu into a sweep which does not connect on all the characters.


The context of the thread is BnB with the sweep ender instead of DP. It has nothing to do with crossup tatsu.

The information about the BnB with sweep ender being character specific is correct.


I didn’t rly care for the “context” of the thread I just felt like posting something that may be useful since its effective for other top players

Which in this case is using hk tatsu instead of lk tatsu

So ill start off clean and ask why do ppl use lk tatsu then instead of hk tatsu when the hk version connects on practically everyone?


There’s a general discussion thread for that.

Who cares? It has nothing to do with the question. And no “top player” will ever be using a HK tatsu in Akuma’s BnB over the LK version. lol

Maybe you need to start caring about the “context” because with each passing post it becomes more obvious you don’t know WTF you’re talking about.

Nobody is talking about using the LK tatsu for the cross up. Everybody already uses the HK version. Nobody will ever be using the HK tatsu for BnB, if that is what you’re talking about.

We are talking about Akuma’s bread and butter combo with a sweep ender instead of the DP. [media=youtube]hrYmUUc_e0s[/media] @2:24

[media=youtube]SVY6OdqnI7s&feature=related[/media] @:27


Or basically you didn’t read anything I posted.

**Air Tatsu does not equal Ground Tatsu

Thread topic is on a Ground Tatsu**


Apparently Nica lost his mind…?


Ok ok

the thread title is Akuma Sweep After Light Tatsu

what i figured from the start was the Light Tatsu was meant for the cross up and i was just not digesting that info properly cuz i was soo eager to say HK tatsu works as a cross up on everyone

excuse the other bullshit i said cuz sf4 does that to me

sf4 does THIS^^



Nah, that’s cause of too much 3s.:wgrin: