Akuma TAC glitch?



I’m pretty sure I found a glitch they other day. I was able to record it and upload it.

I’m just curious to see if this is old news or what you guys generally think about it.



nothing new sorry. Your just so low to teh ground that you cant exchange yourself. Plus whatever the case you actually dont get any of the advantages of it stun wise since you still are hitting the ground so it will be normal as usual. Shrug


thats cool no the less tho. Hopefully i can pull this off in a real match : D


Yeah, that’s the same conclusion I came too as well. I was curious to see if anybody who’s better at combos than me could notice any potential. Thanks for the input.


Just pulled it off, and i think its great to have especially if you want to land on the ground and super it , x-fac, super. but its very situational. I would probably only do this in a match if i have going for a fancy kill or if i just wanna try it. but beware tho that if you do it too high and you get the switch, just be ready to continue the combo with who ever is next, cause certain characters can’t do anything great after a TAC