Akuma takes Evo 2012





This was the most boring SF4 finals EVER, what a let down, many players didn’t deliver. Winners/Losers finals not being 3/5 didn’t make any sense to me.

VERY Solid play by Infiltration though, Korea wrecked people left and right this year (they took KoF, SFxT and AE, maybe others too lol).


You wouldn’t happen to be the same trife from the PJS stream who said i’m going to start a thread on srk to nerf akuma and that he’s OP would you?


Infiltration made Daigo look like a noob :frowning:


Yes he is! :rofl:

And the saltiness when he lost…



akuma army inc.


OMG I never thought that this day would come lol, but I’m so happy, yay! Now we have like what, only three crowned characters? Ryu, Fei and Akuma? That’s godlike I hope that this is not the last time I see Gouki win EVO (:


Shadowloo, Season’s Beatings, EVO… This is Akuma’s reign. May it last forever anf then some!


Don’t forget Dreamhack and WGC 2k12 at France as well. Not to mention the latest topanga B league results. Man, I think Gouki won more tourneys over this 7 months then he ever won durning the lifespan of SF since vanilla till 2012 lol…

P.S. Who wants to bet how long it’ll take Daigo to switch back to Akuma and start maining him? I say next major he’s using the Demon xD


wonder how many new akumas there are now…
and how they’re gonna nerf us next…


Very true, I don’t think Capcom will release another patch for the game, they seem to think that the game is well balanced now and so does most of the community, if anything Evo’s top 8 should be a huge proof to the games balance, 8 different characters representing 6 different countries, I thinks that’s something no E-sports ever saw before, not to mention any other fighting game lol, that’s an amazing result.
But, if they do decide to release another patch (which is highly doubtable) I feel Akuma will get nerfed again xD Perhaps a start-up on his demon flip? Say 3-4 frames? Pretty much will destroy what’s left of his oki xD

And yeah, I wonder how many people will try out Akuma now? I’m pretty sure many top players tried to master him and pretty much most of them failed, after all his no Rufus with only one combo and one abusable tactic, his the most difficult character to master in this game (arguable), or at least one of the most difficult (pretty much a fact).
I wonder if the US scene will produce at least one new top Akuma player (it already has one, FourWude, but he’s not really active, which is a shame) and I wonder how many people will give up on learning him after undestanding how much effort, training and concentration it takes to win with him.


For me as an akuma player, this is above all a big FUCK YOU to any cynical akuma player that dare claim that Akuma’s now only built around his vortex and nothing else.
Infiltration proved you wrong. His vortex is there to supplement his already great fundamentals. First thing we must strive for to optimalize the skills that allow you to LAND the sweep in the first place, AKA footsies.

But still, plx don’t nerf him again CAPCOM! :frowning:


Korea was on a different level this year, not just Infiltration. I will hold all my comments until I watch the replays again. But the way he played against Daigo was the most beautifulest, magnificencacilisit, universally demonically astonishing.perfomance of Akuma I ever seen. This beats the first time I saw the Vanilla Loop.


The thing about Akuma’s footsies is that they take an absolute godlike reading ability, which is what Infiltration showed @ EVO 2K12. Let’s face it, cr.HK is Akuma’s last great poke since the AE 2012 nerfs and unless you use it at the right times and distances, it leaves you very vunlerable. Very few players, IMO, have this ability to make Akuma go from “Great” character to “God-like”.

Are people gonna bitch that Akuma is O/P? Maybe… The problem is those that say that we (the Akuma community) bitch so much about the nerfs, yet Akuma “just won EVO”… Most don’t realize the effort that goes into playing as Akuma. You can be sure that Infiltration won because he put up the best Akuma he possibly could. And he did it without abusing “the Vortex” that so many complain is “brain dead” (lol).

Infil bodied Daigo with superior footsies. Daigo couldn’t even move in on him. Same against Cammy and Gamerbee’s Adon.


Okay so I just picked up Akuma who has some Akuma tips for me

(as a Seth main I’m so fucking happy that the spotlight isn’t on him anymore)


Probably because Poongko played the worst match I’ve ever seen him play. Also Seth is still a top character, no doubt.


Poongko has been continually playing like that for the last year or so. Not nearly as bad, but he’s been losing a LOT since EVO 2011, because people are figuring Seth out and realizing if he fucks up his mixup he’s screwed, whereas other characters have much safer mixups…Seth is a top character, but I don’t think he could make it ALL the way, and it’s one of the reasons you only see Poongko in top 32 and you hear nothing from most other Seth’s.


As a Seth main you would know. I don’t really follow any Seth players extensively besides the occasional random vegetax youtube upload which is indeed Poongko 8/10 times. The way I see it is Seth is the most double edged sword in the game. He has the ability to get more perfects than anyone by simply making 3/4 good guesses in a round in a row, yet dies quicker then that guy from the opening scene of Robocop if he fucks up or gets caught. At the highest level I suppose what this really means is that you need to be ‘like’ Poongko and do some crazy stuff and be a little reckless with Seth because otherwise I really do not see how Seth can work out at that kind of level of play.

I don’t know man, I do *feel *like he is toptier along with like 3 other characters, but when I rationally think about it, it’s also not very hard to argue why he isn’t.


Well, looks like I’m maining Akuma now. I look forward to winning EVO 2013.


Yeah, have fun. But don’t be mad if your demons won’t connect or you are stunned after 1 good combo.