Akuma taunt 7

Ok I have got to know is it just me or does anyone else use Akuma’s 7th taunt to trick people into thinking your going to do a fireball/teleport???

A couple of times recently I found myself and my opponent one hit from death and caught in the typical situation of both of us in our own corners. Well I would toss the red fireballs and then of course they would jump over them and we would do that a few times. Well I have started to use the 7th taunt to make akuma glow red and try to trick people into jumping and have actually had it work a few times on people and Im just wondering has anyone else ever used this trick.

yea i actually had this amazing akuma do it to me the other day, and he caught me as i landed in an ultra.

First of all love taunt 7 He gets all hell fiery and has the flaming destruction Kanji above his head its awesome one of my favs. I got a dictater player to jump when I taunted him and then ultraed him. Then when he got up he tried to jump away so I used my super to tag him and end the match. It was beautiful.

Its so awesome cause you know the guy who falls for it feels like a complete idiot for falling for such an obvious trick and at the same time you got a taunt off in the middle of a fight which is always fun

Use it ALL the time, awesome taunt when used to trick other player

How does this work against people?

Did you not just kick him in the face/air fireball him in the face/punch him in the face on your way down from the jump?

To me, using the RD against somebody who is jumping over a fireball is a horrible idea because if that person has an iota of a clue what to do they will just hit you out of it before they land, and if you’re not close enough for them to hit, then they can jump over it. That is, of course, if they don’t feel like SRKing you in the face instead of jumping.

I’m not talking about throwing a fireball and then AA demoning using cMK to lower your hit box as they jump at you and attack, I’m talking about throwing a fireball from 3/4 to full screen and then trying to demon them when they (neutral) jump over it. Is there ANY timing that this works 100% of the time on, or are you just relying on the opponent to fuck up and try to hit you out of the demon too soon or too late?

Typically I go for the fireball that was just my friend trying to make me sound good and not thinking it through cause he doesnt know Akuma’s mechanics

Taunt 7? Man i need to play challenge mode more, i’ve only unlocked 3! :rofl:

The taunt is pretty laggy. It recovers slightly faster than a regular hadoken. If someone is reacting to you flashing red to punish shakunetsu, they can still get you. Screw the feint and just do a lp shakunetsu.

I thought taunts can be canceled any time !

What he said.

When i used to main Ken i used to use the “If you can’t hit me…why bother attacking at all?” But i used to cancel it & do it again, like a remix “If you can’t hit me…if you can’t hit me…” etc :rolleyes:

Oh I wasn’t trying to be a dick and say you suck for getting caught by that or anything, I was really asking whether or not there is any possible timing on that setup that can’t be interrupted by an informed player who executes properly. It seems to me that the only way that setup ever works is if the opponent screws up and doesn’t hit you out of the demon properly, but I don’t know if that’s true. Probably should ask this in the Dmeon mechanics thread.

I wouldnt know Im really good with the demon but I personally only end up using the taunt trick when an opponent is near death anyway so I wouldnt bother risking the demon when I can toss a fireball

And I didnt think you were bein a dick no worries I knew someone would point it out eventually

how do you unlock taunt 7?

As a Rose player I’m often confused with his teleport which looks like a red fireball during startup. Sometimes, when they do this at my wake-up, I hrow away ultra (which counters the red fireball).

This trick is mad clever.

I just want to add that this will never work on anyone remotely good. The startup animation is different than the shanketsu/teleport, and people react to the very beginning of the animation. So that means your opponent will see ‘taunt’ and respond accordingly.

I prefer doing the “can you withstand my power!” taunt…
it’s so gay that you can visibily see the oppponant’s shock

Thats the beauty of it you only do it when someone is too far to punish you anyway at least without you having time to react to anything they try anyway

Every time Ive used it I watch the opponent and see how they are reacting its not a perfect trick but considering the taunt is awesome on its own its at least worth a try

I’ve used the one that doesn’t flame sometimes. I think taunt 3? I use it just so they absolutely know I’m taunting, so they try to attack. But while he’s in that stance I input the raging demon… and he’ll do it without any jabs or anything. Works… 50% of the time :X. Might be the people I fight.