Akuma Training - Psn

Hi My Name is Satsuinohadoryu I Recently Started Playing SSF4 , I Played all other SF Games (SSF2T,SF3 3s,SFA2,SFA3 Etc.)

I Mained Akuma In all other SF Games (Except SSF2T Since he’s banned) And i was pretty good with him as he was more than just a regular shoto.However I Feel that in SSF4 Akuma is a bit different than in other SF And Im Having a Hard Time Learning Him in depth. Sure I Know About his vortex game And Demon Flip Mixups But even knowing that I Still get Beated By The Majority of People online even if they are beginners.

So I Would like to ask if Any of you guys Could help me Become a Better Akuma By Playing Me On Ps3.

My Psn is : Satsuinohadoryu

This would be pretty hard to setup I guess, being free at the same time, having some time waste training another guy. Still possible though but there’s an other way the critique video thread that cover your needs pretty well. And only cost “your” time to record your replays and upload them :).
A third and maybe easier way is to ask online good players to spare with you sometime. The good points being they play the same time as you do (you met them online hm ?).