Akuma Training Regime

Hi all,

Im an intermediate level akuma player and I am looking to improve my game. I seem to have hit a brick wall in terms of improvement and don’t really know how to progress to the next level. Therefor I decided to try and develop a training regime for myself (and other players like me) not only to hammer home the fundamentals of the game but also improve on what is already there. I have read a few advice threads from this forum and they all seem to offer advice saying things like “Go to you local arcade to level up” and “Get to as many tournaments as possible” These things are both something I would love to do but where I live in Sheffield, UK there are no arcades or tournaments around. London has a couple of machines but that like a 320 mile round trip. So I am pretty much resigned to playing online and at home.

I decided that my biggest strengths are punishment, BnB’s and I know a few character match-ups pretty well. My weaknesses however are pretty lengthy. When it comes to mind games and mix ups I am all over the show, I tend to not block enough with Akuma and when I do I seem to get thrown a lot. Also I insta-die vs a good Bison or Chun-Li. My goals are to get good enough to visit a london tournament and not go 0-2 or whatever and start a street fighter society in my home town but that is a different issue all together.

I don’t seem to be getting any better playing the championship level on XBL, I seem to have hit a constant where certain match-ups I know I will win and some I am resigned to losing as soon as the character select screen appears.

Does anyone out there have a training regime they use, or any tips on what to be looking at next. Additionally does anyone have any learning materials (other than this fine forum ofc) that they could direct me to? I wish I had a video to post but the only videos I have are from about March time and I have improved loads on them since.

Thanks in Advance.

This is somewhat related to your post, but something I’ve been wanting to ask for a long time. Does anyone go through slumps where they can’t hit a particular combo to save their life? In my case, it’s the l.tatsu to f.srk seen at the end of many of akuma’s combos. I’ll be doing fine, and suddenly I just can’t nail the last part and I whiff the srk. Practicing more won’t really help, because on normal days I can do the combo 101 times out of 100. Is this just some mental block I need to learn to get over?

Haha, I had that problem when I started playing Gouki. I was practicing shoryu FADC shaku after BnB, which wasnt exactly a big thing. A week later I somehow mustve lost my mojo, couldnt hit that shit for the life of me for two days straight.

A good way to brush up on your BnBs and combos that other people also mentioned before is going into training mode, picking a string and doing it a set number of times in a row. You screw it up once, you start over.

Youve taken the first step by recognizing your own shortcomings. If youre playing with a friend, try to focus on those things instead of going all in for the win. You might wanna check out the SRK wiki. Noteworthy Goukis would be Momochi or Ed Ma, just youtube those guys.

If you have a capture card, recording your games to watch back can be helpful.

You’ll be able to watch back and notice the spacing and ranging tricks that are resulting in a lot of jump-in punishes on fireballs and stuff that otherwise catches you by suprise in a haze during the fight itself.

Watching the fight back allows you to view yourself through a different dimension to simply your self awareness at that time.

cool - i like the idea of repeating a set string say 10 times or whatever until you nail it. Gonna start doing this as a warm up routine before getting into online play.

I have been looking for a capture card that will allow me to record my SF matches in real time and from what I can tell I would need something like:

Xbox Signal - S-Video Distribution splitter amp - Capture Card - MAC

I was looking at the eyeTV250? maybe as a capture card. I did have a camera but it recently died :frowning:

Additionally do you find player matches more useful online or championship mode for practice?

I live in leeds man so i known your pain about there being no machines.

Hit confirming a combo off 2 jabs with 100% accuracy is what I strive for.

I do 20 press ups before playing Akuma to get me in the zone.

For training I’ll usually try and use or not use a move in each match so that I don’t get used to using or not using it.

I’m becoming way too used to demon flips I’ve noticed, especially ex-demon flips (they are just so damn tasty from full screen) so I’ve been trying to play matches without using them at all, instead using just jump MK crossups.

Also, I’ve really been trying to nail the timing of starting a demon as soon as I come out of tp.

I’ll usually throw in some random tp’s during the match (the short kkk ones) then when they are least expecting it (nobody expects you to tp right into their face) I’ll zone so that the ppp tp will come out directly behind them, and the demon will start.

I know it sounds utterly foolish, but you would be amazed the amount of times this has landed, usually they expect me to do the short tp and they start a focus attack in anticipation of when I stop in front of them, but using the ppp tp I come out right behind them and grab them when they are in their fa animation.

I’m sure many of us have also experimented with Teleports offensively at some stage, I went through that phase of trying it out. It works okay to a degree, but it’s not a long term tactic for a reason.

Catching opponents off guard is one thing, although no one stays off guard forever. It’s a bit like a jump-in from a set and obvious distance where fireballs are only punished if the jump was pre-emptive; you kinda put it out there and hope you anticipated something to gimp, but after 2 or 3 times they’re ready to scout that jump and start Uppercutting each one.

The best follow up to the Teleport is the Super, and there are times when you can nip through a fireball and Super them in recovery; but then, I just started doing EX Demon Flip at those points instead.

There are some cases where occassional use can work reasonably well. Chun Li’s normals and shorts I found, don’t tend to track/auto-correct around her back as well as for other characters in general; and you can nip to her far side and Ultra/Super through her shorts as they labour to switch her around first.

It’s a pretty scrubby tactic really; I might rate throwing random HK Tatsu’s more effective than this. Just try playing a relatively solid guy in a few player match sets and watch him catch on to these across the games. It goes from an occassional trick that lands to something that just gets you punished everytime. That happens when the opponent stops chucking things around at those ranges and thinks ‘he might try a teleport in a sec’ and is now ready to spot it right at the start of the animation to position and time his punish.

It can be decent for aggressive movement in some match ups like Dhalsim or Seth, to let you gain some ground against those ranged tools.

Apparently Jennies Arcade In Manchester has a SF4 machine but still cant get there as often as I would like.

You got many players up in Leeds?

Oh definitely. I only do it once per player really. You get to land it once, then the player knows to defend against it.

OP, find someone who plays your bad matchup(s) and is better than you and play them in player matches as much as possible. You will learn better basics and you will learn the matchup.

cool idea, whats the best way to find players on here, in character specific forums or a post in general chat?

Same I’ve kinda hit a wall, but I’m bad so my wall is like a foot high. Hoping to start using better combos when I get my new TE stick, upgrade from 360 controller =/

i would say go to the character-specific forums and lurk, maybe if there is a directory, find someone close to u and add them to your friends list.

I’m learning Akuma after maining Gouken since release. At the moment my focus is on BnBs, zoning and controlling space while trying to build up a mental database and experience of match-up approaches. When you change characters or shift a focus to a new one, a lot of go-to options in match-ups disappear.

Zoning and space control is definitely an experience thing, but I find it helpful to fire up a versus game against the CPU, crank it to the highest difficulty, set to seven rounds, select a random opponent and not so much fight them but just plain focus on zoning them and keeping them where I want them.

The CPU can lapse into patterns, but sometimes it does utterly idiotic and random stuff that makes absolutely no sense at all which actually works well towards throwing you off and immediately reacting to re-zoning them again. While you’re doing this you also grow a familiarity with Akuma’s handling and overall feel and get a good grasp of effective pokes and normals.

Again, the goal isn’t to beat the CPU up. Its purely to control space. I guess the side effect of doing this IS a victory, but above all just plain focus on keeping them at bay. Once I feel I’m warmed up I often play folks online (its known among the guys I regularly play with that I’m experimenting with Akuma lately) and focus on something specific throughout the match. I’ll basically say to myself "for this fight, I’m going to develop my mix-ups more. For the next, I’m purely going to zone.’ win or lose, I don’t care - the idea is to chip away at refining a particular skill. After a while I’ll pack all that away and just plain play as well as I can in a full capacity to see if I’ve added anything new or perhaps improved to my approach.

Last night I spent about a dozen matches with a focus on preservation - that is, trying to NOT get hit. I think if I drill away at these aspects I’ll slowly be able to pull them all together properly. For now though, I’m tackling this new character as a piece-meal affair.

Hm, that’s a really interesting idea, Gamogo.

I too have gotten into the habbit of developing a training regimen; I might need to work that in. Akuma is really fun, and actually a really good compliment to my other characters of choice.

I don’t have a “training regimen”, but I do have a training mode warmup I do for a couple minutes before playing people.

I set the dummy on random block, and go over all my hitconfirms and links

cr.LPx2, confirm LP srk
cr.LPx2, confirm cr.LP BnB
df dive kick, confirm c.HP BnB
f.HK, confirm cr.LK BnB
j.HP, cr.HP, LP hado, confirm FADC cr.MP BnB
crossup tatsu, confirm cr.HK

I like this - its a good idea to tune up on things you cant really practise in the dojo :smiley: